Eminem Thinks Asher Roth Is Dope


In the new issue of XXL, Marshall addresses the Asher Roth comparisons.

“Asher Roth, I haven’t had a chance to, like, really get into everything, like, really get into what he’s about, because I’ve only heard a couple songs. There was talk about people saying he sounded like me, and he was doing this and that and, you know, trying to take what I do and do it. You know, shit like that. I’ve heard things. But the stuff that I’ve heard from him honestly, which certainly isn’t enough for me to make my own opinion and say, ‘Yeah, he does sound like me’ or ‘No, he doesn’t.’ But the couple of songs I’ve head, I don’t really think he does. You know what I mean? He’s doing his own thing. I can respect it, too, because at the end of the day, I think he’s dope.”

Well, there you have it folks. Fuck more you want for free? The June XXL drops nationwide May 5, Support your local newsstands!

Bonus: Em also mentions working with two other rappers from their Freshman 10 cover. 

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  • theJFKshow

    The fact is, judging off We Made You and 3 A.M., Asher Roth is better than Eminem right now.

  • whack

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  • hi

    WTF hahahahahaha srsly aher>eminem???’

    you know NOTHING about hip hop go jump of a cliff right now or just quit hip hop.

  • RamJam

    My honest opinion upon first hearing Asher Roth was that he DID in fact sound a LOT like Em…and he does. But, he definitely is finding his own lane and I am glad I listened to his whole album before making a blanket statement about his work based off my reaction to one single. It’s a decent piece of work.

    It’s good to see an MC who has obviously been an influence to a new jack NOT shit on said new-jack…

    On a side-note: Symon Dagrapp, your spamming is not getting you more views, spins, or whatever. It’s making you look like a herb, at best and a jealous d-bag, at worst. Please stop playing yourself and find another way to promote your album.

  • profjblaze

    just saw that video on blackyoutube….ehhh…..don’t know where to start….I’m taking he was on something….something stronger than what dmx is on!

  • kellita

    That’s nice of Em to say something about him because it must be hard for Asher to deal with all the comparisons.

    Still, tho Em > Ash hehehehehe

  • None Needed

    I just wasted my life listening to that garbage…Dude that was horrible ROFL , try again

  • Hellnaw

    Em is of course better than asher , and asher thinks that too, 3 a.m is three times better than ilove college. I like asher too alot but em is still better

  • yo!

    wat the fuck is up with the picture

  • Symon Dagrapp is an idiot

    Why are you posting your Eminem disses like anyone gives a fuck about you or your disses? Do you think Eminem would give a fuck about your disses. You make yourself look like a fool. Your dissing a multi-platinum selling artist, that has been established…and for what??? It’s not a gimmick. You wont get signed off of it. Everyone in the industry besides niggas that don’t matter, respect Eminem. Your an idiot.

  • lol

    Why would I even listen to that shit? I knew I shouldn’t have. lol. Your so whack homie. You keep call Eminem a cunt??? Your mic sounds like shit, or you just dont know how to mix… My question is, why would you waste your time to do that… He will never hear that… if he did he would laugh. I just don’t understand what goes through peoples heads.

  • Kanye West Toledo

    Let u nerds hate. Bye hatttttassss!

  • JC

    SO STOP HATING!!!!!!!!!!!!! INTERNET THUGS!!!!!!!!!

  • asher&em Fan

    .. eminem said he thinks Asher is dope.. not in a bad way retards.. dope as in “alright”..Urbandictionary.com describes the word as: cool, nice, awesome.

    PEOPPLE…GET WITH IT OR GET LOST..and i think yer gona get lost!!

  • iloveasher&eminem

    the person below me is SO right. yu dumb ass people really dnt know what dope means. woww. hahaha and no, asher is amazing and so is eminem. so all of yu haters, fuck yu !

  • fuck haters .

    okay, whoever doesn’t like asher, FUCK YOU. he is amazing and SO much better then eminem right now.. i mean really, eminem’s new songs are shit compared to asher’s. asher roth’s music is absolutly amazing and hes fucking sexy too. all you haters are just fuckinng jealous that he get all the girls and all of you dont get shit. HAHAHAAA . so if u wanna hate on this amazing rapper, then please go do it some where else pussy’s .


    i totallyyyy agreee wit dahh persoonn under meeh. they arreee soo riighht*!! annd aaalll yaall aree wasttin yuur breatthh hattiinn whhen yall knnoww datss a wasstee whhenn dheer ahmaaziin .

  • Dammnnn

    Youre funny, eminem is better than asher, or let me say it otherwise, eminem has more fans than asher. Eminem has more hits on his video than asher, eminem has more selled with crack bottle than i love college, also with we made you.

    So from the sales perspective em is def. better, i love asher too, but i hate people who say, ahhh my “insert artist” is so much better than him. without any argument really.

    I say em is better, because he has more deep lyrics and not just some funny happy stuff. That i like too but not a whole album of that.

    Thanks, and now stop hating. I like both of them and they are individual artist that everybody can like more or not. But who´s better can only be decieded by the masses.

  • zoneout167

    both eminem & asher are dope. yes, the 1st time i heard asher i thought he sounded like em just like every1 else did but he in totally different lane the only thing they have in common is the fact that they’re both white, that’s it! of course em is gonna be better than asher cuz he been in the game for 13 yrs now (if u wanna count da time he was underground.) will asher ever be better than em? who knows but they’re both dope. niggas really needa stop fuckin hatin real talk

  • chiggafied

    “I say em is better, because he has more deep lyrics and not just some funny happy stuff. That i like too but not a whole album of that.”

    Have your heard Asher’s track “As I Em” ? That song is pretty deep and the lyrics are amazing. Great song

  • D Reign

    http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Ie4Cp2-G5dI&feature=player_embedded crackers can also rap without changing the pitch of their voice through the whole damn song too. It is possible.

  • true blue

    everybody has got to relax. this article isn’t about who is better, who sold more records, or who’s got more fans. all this is, is em showing respect towards asher. take it or leave it. cuz at the end of the day, they are both “dope” in their own aspect.

  • MisterSmith

    I can’y really judge the two. Their styles are completely differet. This due to the simple fact that they were brought up into two different lifestyles. Their music is decided by what they were going through in their lives. Em is Em. Asher is Asher. No comparison what so ever. Both are dope MCS. Hands down

  • Eminem Vs. Asher

    EMinem is the shit. That guy asher sucks dick. I know for sure he told me in an interview for xxl which will be released 6/7. Word is bond, Yo.

  • Big D

    The only reason most of y’all are comparing to two is based completly on both of them being white. Asher Roth’s style is completly different, Em has always raped about his life and whats going on with him. Asher doesn’t really get into his personal life other than like 1 or 2 songs on his whole album. Both are witty and uses complex lyrics but the content is completly different. Asher should be put compaired more to the likes of Mos Def and Common, and Eminem should be compaired more to rappers like Nas, Jay-Z, Rakim, Big L.

    When did this turn into a debate with which ones better anyway, Em said in xxl he thinks asher’s dope from whats he’s heard of him. Which is cool. XXL prolly wouldn’t of even asked that question if people could see past the color of there skin anyway. If asher was black do you really think Em would have been asked that question?

  • wow

    do you dumb asses realize what your saying? if you like asher more then em, ok, if you like em more then asher, ok, but why the hell do you have to act like there are any relavent facts behind it, in the end it strictly opnions.

    i like asher and i like em

  • Asher Roth Killa

    Eminem must be still on drugs. I was really hoping he would put Asher on blast. Asher Roth is a disgrace to hip hop and mankind in general. He’s a white privilege rapper, all his song are about how he parties, gets drunk and high and fucks good looking college broads all day. Rap ain’t about flaunting your mommy and daddy’s money and the great life it buys you in everyone’s face. Hearing is shit is really aggravating, and I hope he kills himself. Next Paris Hilton is gonna be rapping about her family fortune. Keep hip hop in the streets.

  • Eminem

    What I said was I think Asher is a faggot. And I’m going to dis him a few times and then eventually kill him. Sorry for the mix up.

  • nd90

    everybody thinks that asher roth only makes songs about partying but he really doesnt. listen to his cd not just i love college. 9 of the 12 songs have nothing to do with that stuff


    asher is fucking amazing. dont hate on him yu dumb ass bitches cuz i bet no of yall listen to the songs that actually mean something. so back tha fuck off. asher is amazing and if you say hes not then dont fucking comment. THE ARTICAL IS ABOUT EMINEM SAYING ASHER IS DOPE NOT HATIN ON HIM. SO DONT COMMENT HATIN ON ASHER WHEN THE ARTICAL IS NOT THAT.

  • asherrrrrrrr

    exactly, the person below me is right.

    i love eminem and everything but his new songs arrent too good.

    but asher is the shit right now.

    hes fuckin sexy and gets all the ladies.

    i would fuck him in one second.

  • Blubber Face

    The real comparison of Asher to Eminem is not their lyrical content but the style of Asher, he is exactly like Eminem. The first time I heard the Cannon mixtape I said to myself “Wow this guy really sounds like Eminem.” That’s not some coincidence that thousands of people keep having.

    Who cares if they came from different places, we’re talking about his inflections, his structures.

    When Eminem came out he had mad respect from everyone. He was too good. Black people loved him, because he has serious talent.

  • bose bourhino

    get a little props, people start knowing ur name.

    then the haters start crawling out the woodwork. u don’t like it, don’t listen. eminem says he’s dope, jay-z has said he’s dope. and ya’ll are harping on this and that. he ain’t street? he ain’t black? who the f* cares. dude can make hot music and cut a smart album.

  • go f*** yourself

    Of course Eminem likes him, he’s going to take his place as the next great white hype… who doesn’t like that? I know you darkies do

  • DJ Vapor Shot

    You all make absolutely no sense with anything you are saying. They arent being compared because of skin color, they’re being compared because of their style. I guess you are all so tied up in whats racist and whats not, yet you forget the other white rappers, paul wall, lil wyte, the flobots and the list can go on and on. They’re white, yet they’re not compared to Eminem. If you guys are gonna try to act intelligent in somthing you have no idea about, atleast do the research before you make yourself look like an ignorant asshole. And for the idiot who said that Asher Roth is rapping about his parents money you are obviously mistaking. He clearly says Bankers Club and Miller Lite, very cheap shit. Pizza at a dollar a slice, obviously he’s rapping about college, thats how college is, broke as shit. Now stop with the shit, they both are good rappers.

  • CnYmoeMan

    Really everyone have you heard his song “I em”? If not listen to that and then talk shit! Really you guys wanna talk about his parents money? Dude puts it out there, yeah he came from a suburb, yeah his parents were middle class. What the fuck atleast he’s not talking like MC’s who act like they got money and don’t. That’s the worst, he’s speaking the truth and everyone wants to hate. Hate on something else in the world,theres plenty!

  • E-money

    i am a big Asher fan and a big Em fan, it is unfair to compare them, they may sound a little alike but if you really listened to all their stuff it would be quite clear that they are very different artists, as to who is better that is for the listener to decide, every one has different taste that is why there is more then one artist out there. and if you came to this page just to dis on Asher you need to get a life because you have way to much time on your hands.

  • Jon

    Alright, so I’ve heard all the comparisons and I can see where Asher and Em can appear similar at first glance, they have similar styles and, although it shouldn’t matter, they are both white. The trust is, this comparison would have been made with anyone good white rapper. Eminem is amazing and although his new songs are “average” that still can’t erase what he’s made in the past. Asher is an up and coming artist who, so far, has some ridiculous songs. Another thing is that Em and Asher rap about completely different things, and they’re both straight up with it.

    When it comes down to it, Asher and Em are both ridiculous rappers who are white, they’re just under the same genre.

  • soundtrack

    i like both of them. i grew up on slim shady and asher is doin his own thing. i just hope relapse brings back the old eminem that i grew up listening to!!! ppl need to stop hating on asher because all white ppl sound the same lol. j.p

  • skullz

    people try and compare the two because they are white and have “similar voice inflections” and then they try and say they have the same styles…..what? Ok im a fan of ash and a fan of Em but common, are you people really that myopic, look eminem came with a message of stop blaming artist for your kids actions type and he came with something completely original, but asher is too, he is bringing in a whole new talent to be looked at and is like em how? no ways, ash raps about being a dork who likes to play mario and em raps about killing his wife…..enough said, they are both talented artist but completely different

    if you like this comment, add me on myspace



  • Barbikat

    I saw Asher Roth open for Matisyahu in Williamsburg, Brooklyn last December. I never heard of him before but I downloaded all of his stuff when I got home from the show that night. He was amazing. I love Em, listening to him since he first came out. I watch 8 mile over and over again. That Green Lantern mixtape (the second one) I will cry when I can’t play that cd any longer. Those Ja Rule disses were sick! His latest stuff sucks, I’m sorry but that is how I feel. I cringed watching that video.

    Beastie Boys, Third Bass, Everlast, even Kid Rock. I got mad props for all those white boys! I remember bopping to the beat while walking down Valentine Avenue in the Bronx in 1979. Sugar Hill’s Rapper’s delight was playing from just about every apartment down the way. It wasn’t about black, white, it was all about fun. Everybody needs to get back to basics and just have fun making music for the people.

  • AWhiterShadeOfPale

    Guys, jesus christ. Firstly if you don’t like the guy and his music fine, but then don’t listen to it (although with the radio and MTV plays this guy is gonna get its gonna be hard to avoid). There’s plenty of black rappers that wouldn’t make it onto my MP3 player but i don’t go on websites screaming murder blue. I’m not an expert but like loads of white kids i heard Eminem rap growing up and could connect with that coz yeah he was white. I’m just surprised its taken this long for another big white rapper to emerge. He’s doing it right as well, Em appealed to the pissed off white lower/middle class kids. Asher has a target demo of white moddle class college kids. That automatically means a lot of people are gonna not like it. The guy sounds like EM coz there’s only two really successful white acts out there at the moment, and white people rapping sound similar. If you got two different black acts and played them to someone who never heard rap before they’d think they sounded similar too. No one made it big doing an impersonation. I like Ashers stuff and a good portion of the industry is digging it too. I bet if you asked the guy he’d say that EM was one of his influences, he’s white and from the burbs, he didn’t get into it through OGC did he. In terms of his clothes, as if it fucking matters, just coz you like the music doesn’t mean you have to dress like everyone else. I like rock as well , but I don’t have all sorts of metal in my face.

  • CashCardAccount

    Check out http://www.myspace.com/dentonlethe

    He sounds more like Eminem than anyone like Asher Roth.

  • Matt

    I don’t think that there rapping styles are even close to the same, but they just audibly they sound exactly alike. If they had a conversation with each other I wouldn’t be able to tell you which one is which, its ridiculous. Bottom line is even if you dont like Asher, he is bringing something different to the table and its going to force other rappers to get better

  • TwiG

    If you look at Em’s new stuff he evolved quite a bit. Asher Roth’s sorta got the old Em sound. So yeah, it might be similar but Asher’s just taking what he learnt and putting it to good use. There’s more than one pop/rock star in the world (and they often sound the same). Just consider it more of a good thing!

    Maybe it’s time we look at other countries for some real ‘new’ sound:


  • ME

    when is Em gonna address the attacks from Stak Mack Million??

  • Matic & ILL

    Asher is dope for real.. am black and am not here to argue.. thanx to Em for inspiring a kid.. u all wanna say shit cos u want Em to diss the dude.. Asher is dope, he’s my nigga, i pump his shit everyday.. as for Em, am a big fan, ever since The Slim Shady LP. and i dont think Em feels bad that Asher sounds like him (which he doesn’t), its a blessing to inspire someone and i think Em feels great..

  • cloudy

    Asher is amazing, he’s the freshest artist to come out in years, it irritates me that he gets dissed for being ‘soft’ just because he’s not rapping about guns or money. I heard someone describe him as a ‘disgrace to hip hop’ that’s a fucking joke dude, he’s the saviour of hip hop and I hope he takes the game in a new direction, cos I for one am sick of hearing the same flashy, shallow meaningless hip hop that the industry is currently packed full of.

  • SwitchBlade

    Ash is cool, can’t fuck with Eminem though, he’s still #1.

  • Steffon

    Ash is a beast and em is a monsta plain and simple. big ups 2 both fuck wat ya heard

  • steffon (blk man)

    im black btw

  • aman sman

    em ur the dope i like your music but maybe u need to lighten up a bit its only music.

  • Derek

    aman sman your a fuckin idiot, saying hes hope is a compliment. It means hes good

  • Adolf

    Eminem is just as big a disgrace as Asher.

  • dabitch

    haha haha no way better than eminem,hes good but not that good