Asher Responds To Eminem’s XXL Quote

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In the clip Asher responses to Em’s quote in the new XXL, on newsstands everywhere May 5th!

“Really, it’s just crazy that he even knows my name in the sense of being a 23-year-old kid on the come up, it’s great to have the pioneers before you really know who you are. It’s still early on in this project, there’s a lot to do, so, it’s awesome, man. That’s cool.

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  • Oj Pimpson

    Eminem & Asher Roth collabo=White Power. Lol

  • jaimeteale

    its so great that he knows my name! i’m so flattered! we both have racist tenancies bubbling under the surface and can’t manage to contain them sometimes!

  • hellraiser

    white power

  • h8ter

    black people just can’t stand the fact that there are white rappers out there that are way more talented than 98% of the black rappers out there. who’s the racist now? f*ckin hypocrites.

  • E.J.

    Anyone who hates on Asher Roth hasn’t heard his shit or is a racist black person hating on a white dude actually taking his time out to rap and perfect his craft. You niggaz will sit up there and criticize Asher but when faggots like Lil Wayne, Shawty Lo and Rick Ross put out songs u support those coons who have nothing to offer but guns, drugs, bitches and autotune. We have already heard rappers rap about that shit for years now. U bitches are fuckin hypocrites.

  • rap fan

    but too much of rap is bad for you. it objectifies everything and i try to be a pretty nice guy too! rap music has made me cynical and maybe has made me think of women more negatively…but too late now! oh and for asher roth, he is like if you took a combination of a bunch of underground rappers that get “some work”, combine that with a shitty old style kanye west knock off, and then had a “cooler than school” mickey mouse piss on it all, then YOU WOULD HAVE ASHER ROTH.

  • nikole

    i dont know how I feel about this kid yet… I mean he clearly “sounds” like em (as in his voice). however, nothing about his music, his lyrics, his beats, or his flow remind me of eminem. I dont want to say this kid is whackkk just yet… but im sure eminem only said hes dope because he doesnt want to give more attention to the situation than it needs.

  • ILLersz1

    ((black people just can’t stand the fact that there are white rappers out there that are way more talented than 98% )) dats the most stupid shite i ever heard ….

    and for AR (( It’s still early on in this project, ))

    Yeah its a project a gymmick …byter !

  • Priest Forever

    Dear F*ckin h8ters

    I’m black and I dont dislike Asher because he’s white. I dont care for him because his music is not very good. I dont think Lil Wayne, Shawty Lo, or Rick Ross are very good either. In fact they all sound equally horrible to me.

    However Asher Roth is afforded opportunity because he is white attempting to make black music so dont get it twisted.

    He’s not very smart either as proven by his “Nappy-Headed Ho” joke but judging on your comments, I dont think you are particularly intellegent either.

  • Rob

    I’ve been listening to hip hop since Kurtis Blow and the Sugar Hill Gang and over the years it has steadily declined to a now garbage state. Almost noone can rap anymore, everyone’s trying to sing using Roger Troutman’s style. Now as far as White folks rapping, nobody hates on whites for trying to rap, in fact, we all know Rick Ruben is one of founders of hip hop, and so are the Beastie Boys. I grew up in Compton, in the 70’s, 80’s, and 90’s and every kid I knew was bumpin’ License To Ill. We bumped 3rd Bass. Even Everlast got some run when he was down with Rhyme Syndicate and Ice T. But this Asher Roth kid has to come harder. I’m not saying he’s garbage, but he hasn’t shown much yet. Oh and Eminem, in my opinion is one of the best lyricist of all time. He’s not the greatest….but I would give him top 10. He’s no D.O.C. or Rakim but Eminem can flow. In addition, it’s a generational thing and a money thing. This younger generation doesn’t seem to expect greatness or diversity, or intelligence. We, people in our 30’s and 40’s, expect stuff like Ice Cube, Dr. Dre, L.L. Cool J ( before he went hollywood), Biggie and Tupac. Now we get Lil Wayne, Soldier Boy, and some fools talking about Do the Stanky Leg. Just sheer garbage.

  • Rob

    People are saying that 98% percent of White Rappers are better than Blacks. Come on now. Blacks founded Jazz, Rock & Roll, Soul, and Hip Hop. Like the D.O.C. said Noone Can Do It Better. Best Rock & Roll/ soul group ever= The Isley Brothers…..number 1 hits in the 1950’s and number 1 hits in the past 2 years. From Twist and Shout (stolen by the Beatles) to ” Just Came Here To Chill.” Check the facts. Number 1 rock guitarist ever rated by White people= Jimi Hendrix. Oh yeah and he played backup for the Isley Brothers. Then there’s Hip Hop. Dr. Dre had hits in the mid eighties with the Wreckin Crew, late 80’s with N.W.A., early 90’s as a soloist and he borught you Eazy’s solo album, The D.O.C., Pac’s All Eyes On Me, Snoop Dogg, Eminem, Game, Xzibit, and 50 cent and Busta Rhymes Last CD. Guess what he’s still making number 1 hits ,remember Crack a Bottle like last week….. his new album, Em’s and 50 cent’s are all about to drop. Come on. L.L. Cool J has been charting since 1985, Busta Rhymes since 1991. Turn on Sucker Free tommorow and I’ll bet you see Busta and T-Pain; that’s 18 years later.Come on. Give these dudes some respect.

  • Bloody Shame

    Asher Roth’s album is bangin. Unlike some other’s this kid rhymes over live ass beats, that are really hip hop. That right there says alot. He’s rhymin and gettin dapp from madd mc’s. Not a shock that everyone who loves eminem …hates on Asher Roth. I think the public hates or wants to see these 2 go at it, and these 2 guys prolly have no problems with eachother… their rhyme styles are diff.

    Now now…..Mr. f*ckin h8ters …..listen to eminem’s new song 3a.m. He talks about killin people left and right….and you know eminem loves rhymin bout drugs, and bitches too….so lets not front! he does it every album.

    And I have been listening to hip hop since it was only in the bronx. which is where i am from, and can tell you that there where alot of original b-boys who were not black….get oof this fuckin hip hop is only black music shit! it’s not…it’s music that came from the ghetto, which was/is not all black you fuckin fools.

  • jman…

    I thought AR had a lot of potential before the album dropped. But, the album is terrible, and if you think it’s banging, your judgment is severely flawed…

    The circus wont be in town for too long…

  • Juicy

    He aint whack cause hes white, hes whack because he cant write. Shits lame and he sounds like a stoned white boy chillin in the studio spitting whatev comes to his head.

  • e-money

    he sounds like a stoned white boy because that’s what he is, and as a stoned white boy my self to like him because i can relate to what he’s sayn. if you don’t like him don’t listen to him you don’t need to hate on what you don’t understand. i don’t think you would like it if i said BIG was just a cracked out black guy

  • big cuz B.M.F

    First and foremost “white rappers out there that are way More talented than 98% of the black rappers” lol

    That is funny as hell!! are you serious? lol name some

    Oh and by the way they can’t be old and finished in the Game em makes good songs I’ll give ya him that but his Freestyle game is so weak my little brother would say The words before they came out em’s mouth and Asher Asher? really? lol when i heard his first song i swear i Thought it was a free credit commercial plus Isn’t he talking in this commercial? i dare either one Of them to step up to anybody like fabolous, Cassidy,T.I., ludacris,. let me stop there there’s just To many to name lol oh yeah p.s. Spelling words with number in them is gay as fuck.