Cam’Ron Will Interior Decorate Your Walls

Pardon the headline B, but in the current issue of Vibe, Killa tells Jon Caramanica about his new side hustle: interior decorating. 

“Recently, Cam’Ron was considering putting his Lodi home on the market-his primary residence is a five-mile skip away in Fort Lee, N.J.-and invited real estate agents to tour the place. Here again, Cam’Ron stumbled onto a new hustle: One of them was impressed enough with his taste to want to business. ‘He called me and wanted to pay me to interior decorate,’ Cam says, incredulous. “That shit bugged me out. So I did one job for about $50 K. I had a $100K budget and it turned out great, so [now] they always call me to do stuff like that. But I’m like, That’s some shit I’ll do when I retire, son.”

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  • Vendetta

    Okay I won’t embrace with the man who wears Muppet suits

    and his rhymes are awful but most of his production is decent, I think he does need to retire to Florida and give these Rich Old Folks some style in their homes.

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