RR Exclusive: YN Speaks With Angela Yee on Nas x Kelis Split


That’s right, we broke the news of Kelis filing for divorce whether you credit us or not. So your boy went up to see the girl Angela Yee to discuss the break-up that everyone’s talkin’ about. If you listen close, you may learn some things you ain’t know. Sorry Anthony. Maybe Patti can clean up this mess.

YN on Nas/Kelis 1

{mp3}06 yn on nas_kelis 1{/mp3}

YN on Nas/Kelis 2

{mp3}07 yn on nas_kelis 2{/mp3}

YN on Nas/Kelis 3

{mp3}08 yn on nas_kelis 3{/mp3}

YN on Nas/Kelis 4

{mp3}09 yn on nas_kelis 4{/mp3}

YN on Nas/Kelis 5

{mp3}10 yn on nas_kelis 5{/mp3} 

It’s ok to share, B.

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  • wtf

    rap radar are bunch of lil bitchmade niggas. wtf you niggas talking like a bunch of preteen bitches.

    smh. this site is straight trash.

  • yadida

    he might not have a prenup “We spoke on a prenuptial agreement cuz Will and Jada ain’t need it” I listen to that song and dont want to believe it

  • This site has no shame

    I can’t believe this site would stoop so low and report on these details. What if someone threw all your business out there.

  • cmw

    Wow, you calling them bitchmade “niggas” actually makes you a dumbass nigga. When are you going to get it through your thick skull, that using that word makes you sound stupid, and un-educated. Keep up using that word, and watch people keep thinking you’re one.

    RapRadar was just reporting about … ummm, well news about the rap industry. Regardless if you like it or not, it is news about rappers. If you don’t like it, don’t read it, but it’s there job, and purpose of this site to report on news regarding rappers, and this is a story about someone who is a very famous rapper.

    And, if you think this site is straight trash, why are you reading it to begin with to even see they has a story about this …. now who looks like the dumbass, or as you would say, bitchmade????

  • 8thlight

    LMAO @ thinking 4 or 5 years is a long marriage in regards to any couple. Eliot sounds like he will be reporting on his own divorce shortly with that attitude.