RR Exclusive: Nas Live At Hunter College

A day after his wife filed for divorce, Nas delivered an emotionally-charged show for a group of NYC schoolboys and girls. In between the chants for “Ether,” Esco touched on a few joints from his catalogue that the ladies would love. And yes, Jungle was in the house for “Oochie Wally.” Your dreams have now been fulfilled.


Mega Props: To the homie above. Incilin is a student at Hunter and my asst Crystal F, passed him the flip cam like Jigga passed Ty Ty the burner and he blasted you fools. More footage on the way. Rap Radar is everywhere. The movement to move with.

Sidebar: Didn’t have time to watermark and had to YouTube it. You steal our footage we will hunt you down and kill you. Good morning! Good mornian! 

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  • prophecy_projectz

    Nas has been doing those 3 tracks for the longest on all his shows. What “forbidden” tracklist? lol

  • big456

    aint ty ty the the dude that got his ass kicked by jim jones when he was shopping wit faget ass neyo???

  • Incilin

    It’s true, I’ve seen him do Hot Boyz before. But at that free Central Park show a few years before, You Owe Me came on, and Nas was like; “nah, we not doing that.”

    BTW, more high quality video and plenty of pictures will be at:


  • Cool Dj Emz

    Soulja Boy Did Hunter College Elementary School as well.

    Where’s the footage from that?