Hip-Hop Confessions: Nasty Nas to Esco


He may be having the worst week ever, but his catalogue is nastier than the Swine Flu. More after the jump.

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I planned on getting this off my chest before Kelis’ Dear John bomb on Thursday. Oddly enough, the week prior, I revisited Nas’ most chastised work, Nastradamus. And since its release nearly 10 years ago, I’ve heard folks [and bandwagonners alike] tout this as “one of the worst albums ever.” Pssh, hogwash. I often get crucified for this, but I actually dig Nastradamus.  In fact, compared to his other blemishes like Hip-Hop Is Dead and Streets Disciple, I’d call this here a gem.

Never mind Jigga’s jab, but “You Owe Me” was dope and so was the title track, “Nastradamus” (I’m still waiting for that 3-D video, Nasir!)  “Last Words”,  “New World”, and “Big Girl” were equally as ill. Maybe I’m wrong, but I don’t even think Nas himself, could recreate anything as soulful as “Project Window.”  I know I’m not the only one who thought it hilarious when Orielly-O’really tried to use “Shoot Em Up” as a means of etherin’ Nauze for performing at Virginia Tech in 2007.

Sure Nastradamus is far from flawless, (“Family” and “Some Of Us Have Angles”, anyone?) but I think it’s about time we get off Nas’ back. Considering the amount of coasters that’ve dropped since ’99 who could’ve foreseen today’s “Outcome?”

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  • palacecouncil

    single, married, divorced, regardless — dude is overrated. always has been.

  • Crumbs

    I cant even argue with this… The problem with the Nas “outlook” is that he was suppose to be the “GOD” of hiphop.. from when he came onto the scene he was a wonder child… so anything that falls short of his first LP was a failure. The album was not a failure just not what people wanted to see him put out.

  • Regulator

    Fuck this nigga above me. He prolly have Soulja Boy and Gucci Mane in his Top 5 of All Time.

  • Regulator

    Was talking about “palacecouncil” who posted on Sunday, May 03 2009 9:10:06 pm PDT under the title “whutevah”

  • Slim

    Life We Chose is dope, really the album is not that bad, still get’s burn from time to time. Nastradamus>Untitled

  • Tysonz

    Man as silly as this sounds I thought Family was one of the best songs on the album, thats the one with Prodigy right? Yo the Angels song was wack but man that Family was on point like Rondo

  • Theredinc.com

    The music for the time was really weak and his counterparts were dropping some classic material around that time. At least his dud was 10 years ago and not 3 like Jay’s “Kindome Come”

  • hip hop advocate

    I personally thought the album was a bold statement

    at that time, the new millennium was about to come in everybody had their “Y2K” theory. And to me it had a building with the Wise God on 126 st vibe. Meaning he dropped a few jewels on you, but some things didn’t make sense at the time…ie “some of us have angels” But now 10 years later “life we chose & project windows makes more sense than ever… I feel Nas is no longer competing against others, for him it’s like Golf he’s playing against himself…

  • Ill

    Yo, why is everybody still sleeping on Streets Disciple? That’s one of the best albums to drop this decade in my humble opinion. There were a couple tracks I could live without but for the most part that joint was flames. It was like a grown man instilling wisdom on you from his past and all that.

  • Incilin

    When I was at the Nas show last Friday, I swear I heard him say his next album would be titled “Escobar Resurrected”

  • Joshua T.

    You’re wildin’. Hip Hop Is Dead is one of his best albums. The only proof you need is track #1, “Money Over Bullshit”. That shit right there is flawless.