Pacquiao vs. Hatton (Full Fight) x Jay-Z Afterparty Flicks

[vodpod id=ExternalVideo.891391&w=425&h=350&fv=]

I was dumb enough to put money down against the wife’s homeland. Never again. He must’ve been training with the Canibus, man.

But, what makes this fight hip-hop? How ’bout a Jay-Z-hosted afterparty at Tao, which included a Puffy/Suge Knight reunion! Guess Norm and his security guard brethren earned their keep last night.

Flicks after the jump.


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  • lala land

    Nice pics! everyone looks fab!

  • AG 3000

    Who is the genius that told Cassie to do her hair like that, WTF!!!

  • khal

    suge and diddy were at the same party?

    and YN, you need to get your ustream on. some of the links die, but i watched most of this event, AND Wrestlemania 25, on

  • RamJam


    Mayweather, Jr. v. Pacquiao will be AWESOME

  • Sandman

    These 2 mfers get to party and bullshit while Pac and Biggie are dead. Shit is fucked up. Fuck both of them!!!

  • anon

    the party looks crazy… but who’s the girl with jay-z?

  • Reggie Reg

    Is it just me or does it look like Jay’s creepin? Check the 2nd and the 5th pictures. Uh-Oh B.

  • 808

    tell him to go see the biz

  • E20

    That aint Beyonce.

  • what?

    C’mon Bey is creepin on Jigga 2. Look at the mto pics for a couple weeks ago. She was flirting heavily hard, even when the shoot was over, she still hold the guys hand.

    Jay is allowed to have fun 2. As soon as jay laughs at a women, ya’ll trippin. That’s pretty unfair.

  • Campanitas

    Todas las fotos estan linda y la fiesta fue todo un exito felisitaciones anfitrio de la fiestas SR Jay y a todos sus amigos por estar con ud en momentos lindos en nuestra vida se le quiere mucho por permitirme ver toda es alegria y bailas muy bien que rico para mi hoho bromeo de nuevo que cumplas mas años siempre feliz y rodeados de todos tus amigos y familia.

  • Timgee1

    Ok May7ven maynot be as big as some of these mainstream artist but is certainly more talented, stylish and has more swag han all of them including cassie. The originator of the M7 created in 2005, may7ven started with half weave or half braide and made it her brand and trademark style now everyone inlcuding the biggest of stars ar doing t to have more edge.. check out the new nDUBS VIDEO, Exact copy.. props 2v u May your time is coming

  • FlipiMode

    Has ricky gotten up from the floor yet? I hope he didn’t miss his flight.