Yung Berg’s Giving Bad Business

Apparently, Yung Burger is trying to stick DJ Quote for his paper. Fed up with the shenanigans, Quote takes it a step further and at the 3:40 mark gives out Bergs direct cell phone number.

Props: FSD

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  • MadFreshDaily

    This Young Berg is some kinda clown. He STAY in the middle of shit! I hope he gets his head knocked off. Playing with that man’s money. SMH.

  • Kurt Gobang da2nd

    …if you say you’re going to do something, you do it. bottom line. no need to talk reckless about the kid. it is what it is. it’s unfortunate how some dudes need to be put in a wheel chair permanently to learn not to mess with people’s money. i don’t care how much it is. the sad part is he STILL hasn’t learned his lesson yet. i don’t any positive ending for this cat…

    dudes will snatch your last breath/ for a loaf of bread/act right or catch death/better know the ledge…

  • Juan P

    Cats like Berg, I would really just smack the shit out of him with an open hand. Straight embarass him. He said dude mad over $500. I’d be mad if it was $5 bitch. You have no honor.