Rick Ross On 8 Mile Road

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“I’m goin’ block to block. Hood to hood. I’m goin’ where these other niggas won’t and where these other niggas can’t.”

Look what we found. Damn you Officer, will it ever stop? Today’s wrestling got less theatrics.

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  • 7milenigga

    Haha Ross is on the nice white side of 8 mile. People dont understand, 8 mile ain’t really all that rough, go down to 7 or 6 mile and rawse woulda got his chain snatched.

  • jp

    quit baitin Rick..

  • Billy Kincaid

    Stop it, Ricky. Em’s album is done. He’s not gonna mention your name. Your attempts are futile.

  • shady4life

    fuckin bitch! em will fuck him on 19 05 09!

  • Oj

    Ross is os lame. Dude you on a tour buss or the truck passing by and film a highway sign. Do a show there. Better do a show in Southside since you so tough.

    This dude trying hard to sho he tough. It’s too late Ross. Your credibiity is not beievable EVER in this rap game or the streets. Only crumb snatcher who wants to be involve in the game will actually ride with you even if they street cats. They just want it thru you. LAME

    FReeway is home by the way

  • Mark

    so basically,the fat retard stops on some random corner,waits until no one is around,gets out of the van for about a minute and then gets back in the van.

    shame on whoever bought this morons album.

  • I’m The Ish Mane

    Are those Officer ricky’s comrades I see @ 1:06? The boys in blue???!!!!

  • Mark

    btw yn,if you read this,i love your site but i gotta say,its people like you who give this retard the platform he has.

    i know i dont have to look at the video if i dont want to but if yourself and other blog owners dont bother with him maybe he will go away.

    hes an embarrassment to hip hop and black people alike.

  • dockevoc

    someone shoot this fucking faggot

  • ADY




  • John Rambo

    If he wanted to impress niggas, he would’ve went on 7-mile. SMH @ Rawse for hopping in the van IMMEDIATELY after he cut that WWE promo!! Kamala is alive and well!!

  • Big MOney….

    Rick Ross Went To Detroit Bout Two Weeks Ago Before He Even Mentioned Eminem & Shot This Video & Now Y’all On Here Talkin Wreckless…. Like Y’all Gone Bust The Nigga Ass Ya Got Damn Self!!! This Was Before He Said All That Honkey Shit… Check Your Worldstar, Cuz You Know You Don’t Watch A Nigga You Hate Unless He Your Enemy! Nigga Must Be Bout Something, Unless Y’all Beefin w/ Bitch Ass Niggaz… In That Case You Wastin Your Time! Bust His Ass, & Leave Hit.


    8 Mile don’t really go hard for real for real, and he ain’t said nothing in this video so of course Em ain’t gonna say nothin’ but on the real this may be the gayest beef ever Rick Ross the CO and 50 Cent the snitch both these niggas suckas

  • Whatever

    Rick Ross is the biggest fakery artist the rap game has ever seen.

    Not only does his music suck donkey dick but he lied about his past and has been proven wrong. Even denied it then had to admit it.

    Past correctional officer, stole his name AND LOOK from real drug kingpin “Freeway Ricky Ross” – Bald head, beard, he looks just like him.

    Fucking loser. He overuses street slang now to try and appear gangsta, what a bum.

  • 7 mile Born Breed and Bleed

    It hasn’t snowed here in the D since February-March. Ross is a lame 8 mile is safe just a lot of jackers. He should of rolled on down to 7 mile or Southwest or the eastside and got out the safety of his vehicle to see if anyone would test him. hell I weigh 165 and I would swing on him just to say I hit a star… nah prolly shoot at him too…

  • bigczee

    man……….tell this bitch to roll downtown…..it looked to me like he jumped into the van cuz vehicles started pullin up……..real niggaz would be like “wad~up” i hate image cuz rick ross is a straight up bustahhhh……….id like to hear EM go off on this bacon eatin grease savin FLA oops FBI oops first 48 nigga

  • gmk05

    Too bad he was on the white side of 8 mile. Stupid fat nigga.

    “Hey guys Im gunna jump outta the car real quick, say some bullshit, jump back in, then zoom in on the 8 mile sign, hehehehehe!!!”


  • lostOnez

    lookin real nervous out there still