Eminem Says Jim Jones Is Dope

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In the new issue of Vibe, Marshall certifies Capo’s gangsta:

“Especially within the last year, I feel like I’ve literally been in the Bat cave with Dre for nine months. But I can tell you, T.I.’s album Paper Trail was fuckin’ incredible. I’ve listened to it ever since it came out. That and Exit 13, LL’s new album, I started getting into that. Jim Jones is dope. “

Wow, didn’t see that one coming. Although for year’s I’ve been saying, Harlem: Diary of A Summer

The June/July Vibe drops nationwide May 19th and it’s a great read. Support your local newsstands, cheapo!

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  • danny

    seriously, wtf.

  • Whaddup SOHH


  • mimi313

    jim jones had a great record, paper trail=incredible!

    hhahahaa exit 12?? u mean exit 13 by LL

    did em or vibe mess that one up?

  • tempone

    here’s an EXCLUSIVE …the album is currently leaking from europe. here’s the full track Insane. it’s legit :


  • young range

    He can give props cuz he’s one of the greatest !

    Streets on beats 35 (Eminem and lloyd banks) hosted by Dj woogie

    Dowload http://www.zshare.net/download/597058529695a270/

  • ElonSkee

    I’ve been saying that Hustler P.O.M.E is the shit, nobody wanna hear it.. its the SHITTTTTTT