New Music: Ja Rule “I Do I”


I made the same expression roughly 30 seconds in. Back to the drawing board, Loki.

{mp3}i do i{/mp3} 

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  • mike

    fuck you ja … you suck wack song ..

    ggggg unit all day .

  • Oj

    Beat is dope but this guy is crused. Sorry Ja. Die hard fans will falll for it but man. Be an excutive or something go find a next Soulja boy

  • J.Diddy

    The word your looking for is ‘meh!’

  • what

    back to the drawing board, indeed

  • Blak

    Hell Nah….and I made that same expression as well, YN….lol

  • ,jgjh

    i like the track, too much hatin pple, its better than the auto tune

  • Come ON!!

    NOW does This Sound anything Like FiF!!!

    Not EVEN!! U should of Stayed out of The Fire!! Let That Fat Nigga drag U into The Shit again!!! Hopefully U Got PAID!!

  • Sooreal

    Track is dope…F***’em ha8erz

  • pRiNce

    man yall niggaz haters just cuz niggaz do shit for u amd u cant do u