Red Cafe Says Hell Rell Is A Frustrated Artist

red cafe and ashley

On The Morning After with Angela Yee, Red Cafe address his periodic feud with Hell Rell.

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  • Slim

    What a clown, a real Piru checks this dude on air about calling out Suge, and the bama say’s “can’t talk about it on air”. If he was as hood as he claims, he would have checked that dude on air, instead he’s copping pleas. My point: Rappers ARE NOT GANGSTERS. They just rap. Period. 99% of the game lies.

  • Barry Washington

    To “Slim” you’re a retard and (from judging by your mentality) a peon.

  • AG 3000

    Who cares about Red Cafe, dude has been dropped more times than De La Hoya. Has he even put out an official album yet. Go away.

    I wanna see a story about homegirl on his lap. Wow.



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  • funnystyle


  • Slim

    If I’m a peon sir, that please dispute my claim that 99% of the rap game is fake. Red Cafe went on air and claimed that he “had next on Suge’s jaw” and was running his mouth like he would actually handle business, if it came to that (with no care if the cops were listening). But, when a true “gangster” a Piru Blood calls the show and asks him a legit question, he all of a sudden loses his tough talk, and says we’ll talk about it off air due to “legal” matters. What happened to the tough talk? Why didn’t he say, “hell yeah I said that”..Something is fishy Barry, and it’s the rap game.

  • real rap

    u must not be from the states . cause niggas on the west and east no that suge is being watch heavily fbi and hip hop police yes hip hop police they do does exist ,weather red cafe is gangster or not . if he did try to make money wit suge best not to speak about it. that’s real talk

  • im on top


  • Slim

    No shit Suge’s being watched, what tipped you off to that (late pass). And Red Cafe did not try to make money with Suge, Akons producer got robbed by Suge, after he duffed Suge out in Vegas (and got arrested for it). So that’s how it cost Red Cafe money, they weren’t doing business together. Get your facts straight.

    So if he’s concerned with the police watching Suge, why’d he go on air before and say “he’d knock Suge out” and “Suge, you cost me a lot of money”? That’s called dry snitching fam. You mean to tell me he didn’t think the feds was listening when he making threats against Suge BEFORE he was asked about it on air by someone that’s really affiliated? Stick to the script man, rappers is actors. Even if he was doing business with Suge on the side, why air him out in the press like that, keep it quiet. Definitely don’t cop please when a real OG calls up and checks you on air, at least say you stand by what was said, but you’ll talk about it off air.

  • katie

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