Top 10 Rappers Who Went To Prison During Their Prime

In honor of Clifford’s impending incarceration, Angela Yee and her crew came up with a list of top 10 Rappers who got locked up right when their career was most poppin’. Here’s audio from the show where Ang played clips from each person during their legal troubles. Pretty crazy stuff when you think about it. After the jump, full list with a couple of honorable mentions.

Pt. 1

{mp3}07 pt. 1{/mp3}

Pt. 2

{mp3}08 pt. 2{/mp3}

Pt. 3

{mp3}09 pt. 3{/mp3}

Pt. 4

{mp3}10 pt. 4{/mp3}

Pt. 5

{mp3}11 pt. 5{/mp3}

10. Lil Kim
9. Tony Yayo
8. DMX
7. Gucci Mane
6. C-Murder
5. Remy Ma
4. Pimp C
3. Mystikal
2. Shyne
1. 2 Pac

Honorable Mentions


Foxy Brown

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  • DJ Diva

    2 months is not a real bid…jeez!

  • Jordan Sommers

    No mention of Slick Rick?!? WTF? He should be #2 and he’s not even ‘honorably mentioned’ I expect that kind of glaring omission from a non hip-hop journalist. “You let the streets down Angela! Apologize to yo fans!”

  • E20

    Like Jordan said where the F is Slick Rick?

    John Forte and Mysone should be on there if Tony Yayo qualifies.


    Prodigy’s prime was long, long, before he went upstate.

  • sk

    what about sigel????


    Turk (Cash Money/Hot Boyz)

    Drama (Left Right Left dude from Atl.)

    Twisted Black out of Dallas


    Tray Dee (The EastSidaz Snoop’s group)

    Chi Ali (LOL)

    I’m out!

  • beevgangsta

    props to any nigga or bitch who survive the concrete jungle

  • Tha BX Kid

    Its sad how these rappers have the world at their feet and they fuck it up to be what they rhymes are about. Murders and killers drug dealers…come on selling drugs insnt what it used to be in the alpo days. Nicky barnes and such. Remy is in Bedford Hills C.F westchester County Harris RD across from Taconic C.F. she stays in her cell sleeping most of the time if she’s not sleeping she’s having a visit from papoose most likely or her little son. Max B has 3 centuries worth of hard time and its sad that his a** will most likely be on meds because he’s so used to doing drugs he’s gonna withdrawl. Meanwhile upcoming rappers can’t even get signed or have the same oportunities cuz they don’t have a buzz or don’t have unsolicited material. Its bullshit.