New Music: Nipsey Hussle “Diamonds”

Diamond’s are a girl Crip’s best friend.

{mp3}nipsey hussle-diamonds{/mp3}

Props: Good Talk

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  • BeenAGsinceschoolhouserocc

    Nip is killin niggas right now. I don’t know, bro might drop a classic on ya’ll fucks. and the whole west fuckin wit him.

  • Edouard from Belgium

    I’m so tired of gangsta rap. Srsly. Be creative maybe.

    Same old bullshit:

    I have a nice car with bulletproofness added to it.

    I have a nice car and I’m smoking weed in it.

    Haters hate me. Fuck them.

    I have blingy things.

    I dress fresh.

    Wasting my mothafuckin’ time!

    Chronic 2001 came out in 1999. Mothafucka, MOVE ON.

  • Edouard from Belgium

    “Wasting my mothafuckin’ time” is to be said in Jay-Z fashion.