YN Meets Drake

The homie Peter Rosenberg’s Hot 97 Who’s Next series was extra packed and star-studded last night with Drake as the headliner. Still and all that didn’t stop YN from bumrushing the backstage area and gettin’ his flip cam on. Hey who could stop me? Dude at the end I didn’t like too tough, we might have to have a nice conversation next time I see him.

Sidebar: The host also accosted Drake and surprise guest, Mr. West.

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  • Tha Connoisseur

    Drake’s Ray Charles was making me seasick. Dude needs to stand still for a minute.

    Great quickie though.

  • duttyp

    YN, u were giggling like a little schoolgirl throughout that whole clip. but great interview still. i love seeing my toronto get some shine, all the way from south korea.

    love the site, ur killin em!!!

  • PaidJay

    Just heard “Best I Ever Had” in a Taiwanese club for the first time. The shine is global.