• Chris Foxx|@FoxxFiles on Twitter aka the nigga that birthed #unfollowdiddy lol

    maybe C-Murder is just a super reckless ass nigga but he should’ve been hip to the fact there was a camera watching the money at ALL TIMES and thats where you open fire?? And this happen nearly ten years ago and now he’s doing ten years. So basically he’s fucked the last twenty years of his life and didn’t even hit anybody!

  • Deez Nutz

    *in my dave chappelle voice* when keeping it real goes wrong! What I really want to know is how did it take this fool this long to plead no contest when they have video…was this just discovered…that no limit money aint that long…or is it? http://www.dalockerroom.com


    ha and i just watched some video a few weeks ago of him saying he was innocent. and he was being targeted by the police because of his violent rap lyrics lol.

    stupid people.

    i tell ya.

  • J.Diddy

    No wonder P left his ass in the cold……P gotta look after the family business man, being associated with this could bring his shit down, like waaaay down….

    Corey was probably connected to unlimited pathways to get money an he does this dumb shit SMFH

    LOL at the security gaurd hiding behind the guy in the purple, he’s security an he’s the fastest one out an the last one back