New Mixtape: Folk and Stress “Outside The Box”


Saw these guys perform the other night at the Drake show. Peter Rosenberg told me he’s co-signing, so I’m gonna check this out. I suggest you do the same. Link and tracklist after the jump. And oh yeah, they’re white. Shhh! Hush!

1. Intro
2. New York feat. GZA
3. Stick Up Kidz
4. Gettin’ Busy
5. Heron Tracks
6. Got What I Need
7. Sam Kinison Produced By: Preservation
8. Lanes Of Memory
9. You Lose feat. H2DRO
10. 3rd Bass
11. Got You Open (The Water)
12. Big Horns
13. As One feat. H2DRO
14. Lear Jet Feat. Blu
15. To Hard To Handle feat. H2DRO
16. Dont Knock It Produced By: Preservation
17. Us and Us Only
18. The Maskaraid
19. Mind Tricks



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  • ok

    If Paul Rosenberg co-signs… then you ride dick.

  • ok

    I meant Peter… but it really doesn’t matter.

  • Bullshit

    I’m tired of this white influx in Hip-Hop sorry, but it will only pan out like rock n roll and jazz iof they infiltrate…..

  • What’s a Peter Rosenberg?

  • Fuck you Al.

  • chemical

    ron grant was here