Hip-Hop Confessions: So Far Late


I hear this tape’s pretty good. Anyone listen?


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Too bad I’ve never heard it. Yeah, that’s right. Aside from a few tracks, I haven’t listened to So Far Gone in its entirety. In fact, I just downloaded it two days ago. Ask Crystal F, she sent me the Zip file.

To be honest, I think Aubrey’s hype dissuaded me from listening. From the Tweets to the streets, folks were championing him as if he was the best thing smokin’. I yawned when “The Best I Ever Had” leaked. Not to mention, I’m skeptical to cosign anyone that emerges so quickly from obscurity. Sorry, but I never heard or watched Degrassi.

So that brings me to today. And after my first listen, So Far Gone comes off as dope Adult Contemporary Hip-Hop. That’s not exactly my favorite brand vodka, but it goes down smooth nonetheless.  Albeit the crooning, Drake’s wordplay is clever and witty. And hell, these days “The Best I Ever Had” definitely has my attention. Just as long as he leaves the Auto-Tune—and Blackberry’s at home, I’ll be sure to cop that blank disc.

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  • Keisha

    When people are hyped to death I always end up disappointed with what they bring to the table. I only recently listened to So Far Gone and one of his other mixtapes, Comeback Season. They both have a couple of tracks I like, but as a whole, it does nothing for me.

  • iGetMuzik

    This Mixtape is practically an album. Drakes wordplay is real nice and my personal favorite track is November 18th.

  • hustleGRL

    I’m gonna comment about the Auto-Tune/Blackbberry mention. D doesn’t use auto-tune, it’s this filter called “flanger” & it smoothens out your voice — word to 40(unless you’re referring to the Say You Will freestyles that he does — then it is what it is). As for the blackberry issue, if he knew that there was gonna be cameras, I dunno why he pulled it out lol. But if you were a rapper & knew you’re weren’t the best to freestyle off the top, wouldn’t you spit writtens & mix it with shit made off the top? Meh, that’s just IMO. Other than that, I’m happy you gave in :]. Sometimes its hard to listen to a new artist if you feel that the hype is overrated; let alone if their single is radio-made-for-the-ladies. Take a listen to Comeback Season & Room For Improvement.

    Room For Improvement (February 14, 2006)


    Comeback Season (October 24th, 2007)



  • RamJam

    …but happy when I caught up. Find myself singing along to a lotta the hooks and this is by far, a mixtape that plays more like an album. I’m on the kid’s team.

  • LBoogie718

    nice mixtape, u could be swayed by the hype now but it was refreshing to hear before ish hit the radio hard.. thats how it goes i guess..

    nov 18th best track i agree, & uptown



  • LBoogie718


    so far gone is nice but..

    did he listen to UGK 4 life, or underground kings (2007 i think)?? american gangster was 2007 also [[less than 2 yrs ago]].. just off the top but yeah UGK 4 life- giv it 1 listen and u’ll have to retract that

  • hec1979

    Well I do believe Drake is blowing up way to fast, I really wished radio was not on his dick but thats what happens when you blow (pause). I do believe this mixtape plays better than the albums that have come out in the past year not two. Hopefully the albums’s dope and does not end up like Canibus

  • vincenzo


  • MistahZee

    man ive been listening to this shit now for a while and its nice! been saying so before everyone else started to say this. guy can spit and altho he isnt too diferent hes still someone new to listen to

  • BE

    Everytime I come on here you either have never heard something that’s been out for a while or don’t know anything about the underground scene/artist. Your out of touch man. Smh.

  • true story…

    in a bubble.

  • bk42

    tape is overrated its basicallly jus like 808’s and heart beats and i cant stand that album

  • kickhead

    I agree american gangster was great and UGK was good 2 thats why I said 90% of albums cuz there is a handful of albums better than the mixtape

    but a handful out of a 2 year period is sad

  • Teddy

    do you listen to music or do u just skim through it check out his back catalog room for improvement and come back season they are nothing like so far gone u cant really just listen to 1 songs or a couple or even just so far gone he has a much wider range so far gone is only 1 aspect of his dope songs

  • pete miles

    i want everyone in here to listen up real quick. i am not a hater, but i got 3 albums i produced from start to finish. i engineer my own shit as well. i am the new kanye without the soft ass swag. better lyrics and better beats. i promise u go to soundclick.com and purchase my first album. long live the king. 14 tracks a true hip hop classic. this is with no experience and no help. after you cop dat i got two more for you that are better than that. trust me when i blow it will never be the same again. remember pittsburgh pete miles

  • pete miles

    i hate to sound this cocky yall but its true. whoever doesn’t believe me just go to http://www.myspace.com/kgent412 listen to the ten songs on the page. this aint shit compared to what i got stored away. no one is near what i am doing. i promise u it’s gonna feel like 90-97 when i get on

  • Music Guy

    People say all the time how good music is not made, well here it is enjoy it, this guy writes like how everyone say they would like people to write, and he goes in, he writes every line like it suppose to with the rest of the line, like Akaninale (whoever you spell it) Stunts and Blunts every line went, it was great, this is it, why the negativity in hip hop, no one buys records but always running they mouth


    Every Suday We Go In


    He got a history as being part of the all mighty NATURAL ELEMENTS crew in the 90’s but now he’s Reinvented him self!….So dont say u dont know who he is YN,he’s a BREATH OF FRESH AIR!, Here’s the link for his JUSt Released BEST OF SWIGGA! http://bit.ly/fZfHU