New Mixtape: Dustin Prestige “Houston Presto Vol. 1”

Around the time we launched three months ago, this song impressed YN and I enough for an industry co-sign. Since then, Dustin’s gotten the thumbs up from journalist Maurice Garland and Killer Mike. Not bad, eh? Well, today he finally dropped his debut mixtape and wants you to download it. I’d recommend it. (Don’t let me down, nigga!) Tracklist after the cut.


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  • hasHBrown

    big ups to YN and B.Dot for allowing my g dustin prestige to use rapradar as an avenue to release his newest mixtape. i recorded about half of the joint at my studio and was amazed at how presto took h-town classics and made them his joints.

    THE HOUSTON ELITE MC’s. be on the lookout.

  • theprestige

    the beginning.

  • Mr. Wilson

    This man had the drive and passion to turn the Hip-Hop World on its ear. It began with the Prestige…now we got Presto Vol. 1…keep the real MUSIC coming brother. After a while, they may just let you free from that J.O.B

    Mr. Wilson has spoken!

  • braeswood_boy

    Man I feel that Beltway 8 song. Funny shit, but true.

  • Hollywood FLOSS

    the rapper dustin prestige doesnt let down… great mixtape

  • Stunij Ninja

    Good shit ! I hear you nigga .

  • Girl 6

    I’m glad to see REAL hip-hop isn’t dead. Dustin…Great Job!! Keep up the good work.


    Dis was flyy i like dat polo’s an ak’s it was fire

  • el presidente

    not bad.

  • Elle


  • Nicole_81

    This is certified hot. Don’t sleep on his other album either!

  • Portia82

    We go back like babies and pacifiers… Didn’t know you had it in you… LOVE IT

  • Phar Side Ice

    Nice job Phrat! Keep it Up Bro.