Ron Browz, DJ Webstar & No I.D. Speak On “D.O.A.”

Auto-Tune’s poster boys phone in with NigelD and address Shawn C.’s Napalm Bomb, “D.O.A.”

Yes, gentleman using Auto-Tune in 2009 is trite. To quote Mr. Dennis Coles, “Get your own shit and be original!” How can the music evolve if everyone is doing the same thing? What works for the goose doesn’t always work for the gander. You see Webstar, even if your record plays on the radio every five minutes, it doesn’t mean that it’s good. What it means is that it’s locked into the listeners memory thanks to repetition. “Dancing On Me” may be your only record using Auto-Tune, but I doubt the other songs are raising the bar in hip-hop. There’s nothing wrong with “dance” records, as long as they’re not executed cheesy. As for Browz, I think your hip-hop contributions are best left on the MPC. But hey, what do I know. I’m just a rap fan.

After the jump, No I.D. adds his 2 Cents.


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  • Mr. Kinetik

    There was no such thing as AutoTune back when Roger, Gap Band, Teddy Riley and them were doing their thing. There were vocoders and talkboxes. These cats don’t even know the history, don’t even know what they are talking about and have the nerve to say the public don’t know what they talking about. Vocoders and talkboxes require manual skill with a keyboard. AutoTune is a plugin. It’s software.

    These clowns. get outta here wit all that.

  • Dr. Peedi Green

    “That’s like Christopher Columbus… he didn’t discover America…”

    These dudes are dumb. They’re just mad because they know it’s over for them. Don’t be mad UPS is hiring!

  • Yoda

    Christopher Columbus didn’t discover America…

  • RamJam


    I am not mad at the youth, because they do have some valid points but these clowns taking it personally are crazy…they even name the other 5328 artists that are using it.

    At least, they acknowledge that it’s a trend. Jay has people TALKING and that’s more than anyone can say for 90% of hip-hop ANYTHING out here.

  • Stav

    The indians were already there! Oh I forgot, the indians r nobodies, savages! They don’t deserve sh&t

  • DRO

    Did these retards just say that Red & Meth were rapping about nothing back in the day? Trying to compare themselves to them?

    Retards don’t even know what they’re talking about the whole WU movement is profound and aggressive … some of the best spitters of the planet. At one point 93 -94 Meth was the King of NY. and REDMAN ??? Dare iz a Darkside … Whut ?? Theee Album … Muddy Waters !!!?!?! CERTIFIED CLASSICS !!! Rapping about NUTHIN????

    kill urselves…

  • CV

    autotune reliant records need to go but so do sped up vocal samples over rap beats.

  • Were Read 2 Def

    I agree wit everything the writer said on this issue. I hate Auto-Tune. Plus, girly rap sucks. Gimme that lyrical spitting shit!

  • YM

    Browz just got to realize, he is the one with songs without great melody, only crazy ass not on tone noise, WTF!

    Please Die!

  • undressingHER

    yo, I hate autotune, but Webstar made some very valid points. Nothing against him.

    I dont hate the songs though, when I don’t like something, I just turn the ish off. I don’t listen to the radio, so it doesn’t effect me.

  • blazeablaze

    T-Pain was the first one to do it recently do autotune and then recently everybody want to do it. It became a trend which always dies downs. Webstar ain’t ever gonna be a serious artist ever and Ron Browz ain’t either. Making dance songs never gives you career longevity, especially when people don’t have as big attention spans as back then especially teenagers. Back in the day they had records that was 7,10 minutes long and they meant something and people liked them. Webstar talking bout he is a leader when he followed everybody else when autotune became hot, just to get a record on the radio.