B.o.B. Says I’m Not You Rapper


Mr. Simmons got sumthin’ to say:

“Whether I’m a rapper, trapper, slapper, whatever, I’m still gonna do what I do, but, I don’t know, something about the term “rapper”…I feel like the term “rapper” is bad. Rap over the past two years…So I’m like, “eh,” I’m not inclined to consider myself a rapper.”

Ok, point taken. But I still don’t know what we’re supposed to call you, B.o.B. or Bobby Ray? Oy vey!

The Beat Goes On: V60

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  • nature

    seem like all the ones who ain’t quite on or who used to be on is talking all the shit. like, i ain’t make the team so the team is wack. whateva. the team is world champs, homie. you in the rafters with cold popcorn.

  • TheOneAndOnlyBadBoi

    This nigga B.O.B from LA now he’s got it he just dissed him on one of his demos he’s been doing check him out trust you won’t be dissapointed. West West Nicca