New Video: Rick Ross “Quiet Storm”

Officer Ricky brandishes his service pistol in a quick clip over the Infamous’ seminal track. 

Props: WavyExclusive

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  • lol

    do you think he realizes we all think he’s a joke or does he actually think he’s a legitimate gangster?

    fat bastard is a scam.

  • rrahha

    sorry i had to laugh at that (jay-z voice)…this guy….dude….just, just i don’t know man….he’s a hip hop punchline now…he has no problem brandishing his uzi in the vid…CAUSE YOUR A COP RICK, NOBODY LIKES THE FUCKING COPS RICK!!! IT’S NOT FIF’S FAULT!!!…clown…

  • powpow

    i always cum when i see his big tits hahaha, and nice vid, like 50 seconds rapping WTFF , and thats called a official video?

  • x)


  • whatever

    at 0:14 and 1:36 i had to stp and go puke

    man i can cope with his ugly face but those titts are tooo much for my stomach

  • Joe Buck

    lol ricky forgot he ‘the’

    The Hottest Label In THE Game man.. THE Game

    B.A.L.L.H.A.R.D. Entertainment

  • B.K.

    NOBODY LIKES COPS !!!!!!!!!!!!

  • 2.99792458 x 10^8 m/s

    When is hip hop going to ban this bullshit.