• Eva

    finally, I’ve been waiting for this to be his new video since ages!!!!

  • em4ever!!

    i can’t wait!!!!!!


  • nonny

    can’t wait for this video, one of my fav tracks off Relapse. when is it droppin?

  • slimbam

    man i hope this aint another horror video

  • PrKid

    I like the song,I wonder how the video is goin to be.

  • sms

    been waitin for this video a long time

    I hope it drops real soon.

  • Bro

    yea it will be dope !!

  • Lili (Marie-Amélie) SB

    Who is beautiful ? You are

    Take care

    PS Where is Boo Doo ?


  • Single Mother of 2

    hey I cant wail to see the video of beautiful I use to live in Detroit and visit every year. I use to live in EMs Childhood house so its a blessing to see another person like Em making videos in detroit and yes detroit’s buisness are going out of buisness its sad Detroit is my hometown and i MISS IT

  • chrykandi

    Dear Em., thank u for letting me be part of the wake-up and look out-side of yourself opportunity~

    luv u

  • hastkrieg1939

    thank you for making through all your tough times and i hope you keep fighting we all love u cause you are one of a kind with ur music u sing it from the soul and thats where it should come from ur beautiful song is my favorite track on ur album

  • eminemsfavgurl

    This song is so sad, it brought tears to my eyes..I have lived in michigan almost my whole life..I moved outta state when I was 18 back in 2006 for about 2 to 3 yrs and moved back and I started crying because I keep saying why is it like this and then i think that it was BUSH who made the economy this way and OMAMBA don’t seem to be makin any better and this song really expresses how Michigan is going down hill and how eminem has been trying to heal himself and comes back to his hometown and see it going to pot and I am depressed….