Lil Wayne Cancels European Tour

Karen Civil got the scoop that Dwayne canceled his two week long European Tour as a precautionary health measure.

“He canceled the entire [European] tour. His heart can’t take any adrenaline rush apparently,” said the source.

It was reported Wayne arrived in Europe with all intentions to perform but was mandated to rest by a doctor due to an unknown illness. The condition is believed deal with migraine problems the multiplatinum rapper suffers from on occasion.

“It’s a migraine condition which requires a specific medication. If this medication is combined with adrenaline, a myocardial infarction can be provoked.”

Good call. I doubt Wayne feels like dying these days.

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  • tha g

    lil(GAY)wayne you one overrated ass nigga that carter 3 shit was bullshit and a millon dumbass crackheads bought that shit fuck all cash money/young money rapers yall niggas GAY weezy Fucking birdman faget.


    This is for the dude that commented first: Why all the hate homie? U mad? What ya life like? Why can’t u spell? Do ur parents love you? Were u nurtured? Weezy aint do nothing but work hard. Hating make your breath stink. Relax..

  • jamal

    sippin on some sizzurp sip-sippin on some sip-sippin on some sizzurp

  • ILLersz1

    True hes wack !

    and .. hes the beast …

  • enviro

    crack is wack. and it’s cheap in amsterdam.

  • Sal88

    fuck that mayne, was meant to be at his show tonight in Hammersmith London. Take a couple aspirin and get ya act together

  • skrilla

    imagine if lil wayne starts bleaching his skin white

  • Baby loves Wayne

    my son wayne loves sippin on syrup and that causes the migranes. but i love him and plan to tuck him into bed tonight.

  • wtf

    Seriously, Lil is shit. I do not understand people who considered him a rapper.


  • Bronek

    Im not fuckin hater. Im not calling him a “gay” or “ni99a”. Only one i think is that he is just weak.

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