New Mixtape: Gucci Mane “The Gooch”

Here’s the latest and greatest from La Flare. I don’t think Jeezy’s going to take a liking to that cover. Download here. Tracklist after the jump.

Credit: DDotOmen

01. Cocaine Cowboy Pt. 2
02. Weird
03. Ego Trippin
04. First Drive Then Ride
05. Aint Nothing Else To Do (Feat. Shawty Lo)
06. Medicine (Feat. Three 6 Mafia And Keri Hilson)
07. Imma Smash It (Feat. Alley Boy)
08. LOL (Feat. Trey Songz And Soulja Boy)
09. She Got A Friend (Feat. Juelz Santana And Big Boi)
10. Gorgeous
11. We Steady Mobbin (Feat. Lil’ Wayne)
12. Awesome (Feat. Snoop Dogg)
13. Get Wasted (Feat. Plies)
14. Fresh Out (Prod. By Zaytoven)
15. Obsessed (Feat. Mariah Carey)
16. Break Up (Feat. Mario & Sean Garrett)
17. Boom Boom Pow (Remix)
18. Mo Money (Ft. OJ Da Juiceman)
19. Imma Dog (Ft. DG Yola)
20. Hood Up (Ft. Shawty Lo And Busta Rhymes)

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  • doug gabriel

    unless the kids are calling it something else these days the gooch is the skin between your balls and your ass (no homo). so Gucci is starring as the Gooch? i don’t get it. or is Jeezy’s gooch scraped/hurting from that wedgie? can the kids explain

  • tha g

    gucci is a bitch nigga cant rap nigga slow tell juce man that nigga aint sell no bricks in the street nigga aint seen no white bricks if it hit him in the face nigga chain fake to gucci you a hoe ass nigga

  • gooch

    thats my nickname he stole it lol

    and the gooch is from different strokes it was arnolds bully but they never showed the gooch. hence biggie line invisible bully like the gooch

  • doug gabriel

    Man, i’m embarrassed i didn’t realize he was referring to that Gooch. I loved DIFFERENT STROKES. My mind is in the gooch gutter. Thanks for the help! “Gooch” on Different Strokes > “Boner” on Growing Pains

  • dre

    man if u gona diss a nigga go hard dont jus do some bullshit cover invisible bully shit

  • Slim

    Just like Jeezy said, he’s a sneak diss bitch ass faggot. Can’t ryhme for shit.

  • honestly

    is awesome. these beats knock and its hella catchy

  • southcakc23

    this is one beef not worth listening to. At least Gucci is legit. Jeezy stay worryin bout who style he bitin next.

  • Citi

    man yall nigga need to shut the fuck up ridin Jeezy dick, the nigga tight i admit or wat not..but yall dont kno shit bout him or Gucci…and Jeezy should of left that beef alone that shit was so old and he wasn’t in the spotlight so he had to do somethin since Gucci was lockin up the streets wit dem mixtapes so to all u Dick Rydin Ass Faggets……let it go and Eat A Dick OKAY

  • niisy cristel I just brought that

  • gucci ryda

    This goes for slim and the g…. fuck yall bitch ass niggas for hating on gucci. that nigga riding in my hood er’day. this shows that yall niggas aint from tha hood.

  • eazy d

    does it ride??? all u punk asses on the net complaining…shut up, listen to this shit, and talk bout it! i don’t give a fuck about ur commentary on who’s jock u like better!!

  • ConservativeWhiteRapper

    yo’s niggas yall all is talkin shit but nuttin but cum dripping out. Yall stop ball hangin on these bitch niggas like gucci mane. big pussy ass fag – he dont ride in no hood. hes out getting bitch fucked by da white man. fuck dat fake as uncle tom bitch

  • Da Real G – no half steppin

    dis shit sux big brown assholes. he n jeezy should just suck each other off. day are both cum drinkers from da fake ass hood. prob grew up in da burbs. day got pussy lips yo

  • nek breaka

    citi is a bitch ass nigga too

  • jz

    quit shit talkin get to brick talkin while you all typin shit i hit alll yo hoez …..



  • DemDemdatbaby

    Wow. Yu can tell yu aint from nobody hood. Yu prolly from the SUBURBS yourself..& while yu tryna bash my nigga guwop, yu should be reading a damn book. Have several seats. Please & thank you!