Drake Next Fader Cover?


OK so an upcoming photo shoot with Mannion at the helm. Huge hit records. Yup, I say this is Drizzy’s first cover. Hey, it worked for Kanye? And as we all know by now, whatever ‘Ye say Dra do. ‘Ye say Dra do. Ha!


Thanks, Oliver

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  • noz


  • Drah-ke-shun

    4 million man

  • Peter Truth

    He hasn’t even released an album yet and I’m already sick of him. Why is this mediocre rapper the talk of every rap site?

  • ss

    enough of this dude

  • koa29

    are people hating on drake? the guy’s dope, i don’t understand it. He’s got big ups from people like Nas who have been in the rap game for years… and ignorant fans dont like him? Fuck yall

  • whitney

    wata homosexual drake is

  • 90’s Rap

    The Drake stock seems to be plummeting. Hey America, you can have him. Toronto/Canada don’t want him no more. Toronto rappers like Mayhem need to be getting that love. Drake just keeps getting robbed in Toronto.