50 Cent Clowns Turtle


Last night’s Entourage ep was rap star-studded. Not only did Bow Wow thankfully get the boot, but your man, the Southside King popped up next to the Sopranos chick’s man on the mean streets of L.A. What’s up with dude callin’ Fif out by his government? Show some respect, son.

Spotted: Dre

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  • Pain

    I like how 50 still acts like he’s something, like he still has any relevance in hip hop. He had one dope album and that was that. Time to put down the mic 50

  • koa29

    vv ignorance is a bliss. Obviously 50 still is very relevant in hip hop. Just because you don’t like his music, don’t make a dumb statement like that.

  • Pain

    Meh, he’s pretty much unheard of these days. He’s not got the fire he once had, and really not saying anything important

  • PrKid

    I think someone added that last part to the video(I didnt watch the show)but that part when he says ‘curtis’ is from the Cam’ron song/video dissin 50.