Meth & Red Ain’t Feelin’ Nas Child Support Settlement


Does anyone think Esco has the money to cough-up per month? You rap geeks are lucky: Nas is gonna be recording rap albums until he’s 65. Ha!

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  • webstar

    First off…yes the amount is absolutely ridiculous…just as it is ridiculous for an “independent woman” to state that her survival is dependent on a judge handing her Nas’ money. But…people…this is not the amount he will pay for 18 years…this is 9k in child support & 45k in TEMPORARY spousal support, which will be lowered in a hearing in September…so calm down, lol.

    But Red & Meth do make good points…though they could have used more PC language…ha

  • The Blog Bully

    lmao same shit I said. I love Nas, met dude and everything but I don’t think he’s sitting on Jay-Z money and judging by whoever defended him in court and didn’t do a good enough job to make sure he isn’t paying this much a month..I’d say he isn’t.