Jay-Z Checks In With Big Boy’s Neighborhood


Yesterday morning, Jay-Z phoned into Big Boy’s Neighborhood and talked about how the Blueprint series puts him in a comfort zone, The Game, and Drake. In the second clip, he plugs Roc Nation and how he’s not in the Tweets. We don’t believe you!

Part 1


Part 2


Props: Big Boy

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  • lala land

    Thanks for the interview!

    Honestly, i dont think we will ever see Beyonce and jay going around with a stroller. I think she’s too much of an ego chick for that.

  • oChO V

    I think Jay and 50 give the best interviews, and this was better than hearing him with flex cause u can hear Flex jock him the entire time, good job Big Boi

  • HellRazor

    These are pretty much the same questions Tim Westwood and the rest of them before Big Boy asked him.I mean,its a substantial interview but in my opinion,Big Boy should have atleast tried to ask newer questions,so we dont keep getting the same answers to blog about.The only new content in this interview is the fact that Jay-Z actually denies this time that S_C on twitter is him.We all know damn well right now that S_C is Jay-Z on twitter,so that’s not really relevant either-HellRazor from dahomegrownspot.com

  • No dick rider

    The interview was boring,I love how folks forget he brought up Game’s name. He acts like this happened out of the blue. He mentioned Game and Game took advantage. And to Thanks I don’t blame Beyonce for not wanting to spit out Jay’s child. Esp since he at 39 is still partying it up all the time and always when she is working takes his “mentee” with him to events and things such as that. I mean he isn’t screaming father of the year.

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