Jay-Z “Run This Town” (Live At All Points West)


No Kanye. No Ri-Ri. No problem? Still not a big fan of this joint but cool to see Jay perform a new song for the first time.

When it comes to this rap website shit, who run it?

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  • lala land

    Lifes a game.. But its not fair….I break tha rules so I don’t care..(((Whose gon run this town tonite!???)) LOL

    Joint goes hard.

  • Irelandrepresent

    Not only do u run it YN, but you- but… but- but- but you, you… yeah you run this shit! lol (c)Waterboy

  • trey3

    When it comes to this rap website shit, who run it?: Nahright!

  • mp480

    in your dreams

  • song sucks

    song sucks blue print 3 biggest let down of the year jusdging by d.o.a. and run this town if thats the type of flow jays coming with this time around thats some lazy ass flow his gotten way to comfortable up at the top his started slippin he needs to do what t.i. did and sit down and actually write shit and think about what his writting more and delivery instead of dropping freestyle verses on all his songs

  • gasbee

    jay-z u are so nice wit the mic,but onething is for sure,ur time in the rap game is over.let the new nigger live and eat.