Joe Budden’s Wiz Has A Black Eye

While Joe discuses the possibility of having a mistress, his girlfriend Tahiry, speaks on getting punched in the face by the hands of some guy. Perhaps they both agreed on sharing this with the world, but I believe some things are best kept private. Why be exploitative for the sake of a couple hundred YouTube views? Sorry Joey, but if my ol’ lady came home with an eye jammie, a Flip Cam definitely wouldn’t be the first thing I’d reach for.

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  • E-Dub

    I think Joey and Ty need to chill with all these videos. Eventually a lack of privacy will erode a couple. If I was a public figure, you wouldnt even know who my wifey piece is.

    I would fuck the dog shit out of her tho, Im just sayin

  • Blackeye T

    Maybe they were showing how good a woman can still look after getting knocked out. She looked more attractive in this vid than in the other ones when she was blackeye-less

  • Sangano

    y yo sound so old/bitter from time to time? … ur times come and gone, your website’s cool … but your def not the voice anymore … just teleprompt the news nigga

  • Leak

    Slaugherhouse Album leaked today. so tight

  • savage

    & your bigtime is/was when? & who sound bitter? lol listen to yourself, fam. why you even come to this site, then?

  • lol

    ain’t nuttin but a gangsta partyyy hahahah

  • The Blog Bully

    lmao @ teleprompt the news nigga.

  • anonymous



  • Bpayne

    I do not like this cat, he is not that good of a rapper first of all and second, he is reaching for fame that he aint gonna get with all this video shit, lame!

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