from Mike jordan to the Mike jordan of rap go ahead spike oh yeah and Jigga Man U Heard. people hate listen folk esp. black folk everyday my white co- workers battle each other and back talk each other but when one of them does good they Big them Up they dont shit on them like we do our people this man has the president bumpin his music its like a Roc-Nation commerical everytime Obama’s on tv a Jay -Z songs on in the back ground at some point in the interview so reckognize the real when u see it and black folk we all we got so when one of us makes it and changes support it and know that u to can change holla back and oh yeah It’s Still Roc-A-fella for life no matter how u change the name nations cool but ROC-a-Fella YA’lllllllllllll day 1 Original Flavor

  • that_josh
  • Antonio

    I’d give anything to live in a place where you can have that NY views.. what a background!!