Keri Hilson’s Complex Cover


Nuff Respect to the Monster Mash, but this is more my cup of herbal tea. Miss Keri Baby! For. The. Win! NCB, you’re a genius for this one!


There was some talk about you and other rappers…Kanye, Lil Wayne.

Keri Hilson: Oh, like dating?

Haven’t both of them touched your ass onstage before?

Keri Hilson: Yeah, they have. Onstage. Onstage. What am I there to do? Entertain. Onstage, we’re entertainers. Onstage, a married man is still an entertainer. It means he’s an entertainer first when he’s onstage. Offstage? Very respectful. They would never touch my ass offstage, I’ll tell you that much.

Nah, Right? © eskay + We don’t believe you! © Jigga

Props: Complex

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  • Lil’ Nello

    Need to change her last name to mine ASAP lol that’s definitely wifey right there lol 🙂

  • Miss Carried Baby

    I thought this trick said she was more about showing her talent not her ASS. Boobs all out, strip club poses and no clothes.


  • Bullshit

    She knows she fucked Wayne for that feature.. lolol

  • reaper

    shit id fuck to sweat drip of my forehead