Soulja Boy Wants To Attend College

Soulja Boy tells Hardknock TV that he’s contemplating on going to college. Ironically, DeAndre can pay for school but can’t buy class.

Props: Broken Cool

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  • Da

    something with computers, video game design, or psycholodgy?

  • stupiddopemoves

    good shit Da, you beat me to it. second thought: there’s nothing about you that says computers or school (c)Steve Harvey

  • AccesoaEminem

    SOULJABOY IS THE BEST and this interview is too old ,, respect soulja motherfucker

  • Edouard from Belgium

    The RR-guy is a fucking hater. You always try to find some clever ironic remark to show how whoever you’re talking about is an idiot. Well, I say always, but I mean anybody who’s not Jay-Z. Dickrider.