Crooked I Defends Joe Budden On Stage At Rock The Bells L.A.


Pardon this horrible footage of Slaughterhouse closing out their Rock The Bells set with “The One” and skip to around the 3:40 mark. Hear the crazed Slaughterhouse chants and see Crooked I with a whole lot of backup address the drama of the day.

“Don’t believe everything you see on the Internet. Don’t nobody gonna disrespect one of my niggas on the muthafuckin’ West Coast.”

I’m sorry my G, but I think that already happened. 

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  • raekwon watch ur ass

    ur pretty stupid with that smart ass one liner, u failed to realize that its a warning while raekwon is out there, its far from being finished.

  • AG 3000

    Its just another sign of YN kissing the a$$ of another artist he is cool with. He is boys with the WU and of course Jay-Z and good ol 50 Cent. Everyone knows this. He lives in their a$$, hahaha!!!!


    JOEY! JOEY! JOEY! YOU IN THAT MOOD YET!?!?!?!? haha!

  • Real Talk From Jersey

    I hope nobody in the wu gets killed over this. Those COB long beach niggas and 40 glocc and all his crip niggas do not fucking play. They will easily turn their tour bus, hotel room, etc. to swiss cheese. Do your research and stop adding fuel to the fire to attract more traffic to your failure of a website – while you sit behind your computer unaffected. This can easily escalate to people being killed. Know wtf your doing and stop instigating this shit.

  • KeriWilson

    I keep checking this site because yall do come with some exclusive stuff but the Jay-z slurping and negative biased towards some artists is disgusting. Yall seem like some bitter bloggers and its going to be the demise of this site

  • Hot Sauce

    Looks like Joey caught one the same way Elliot did when Benzino ran up in the XXL offices.

  • boom

    reality check for internet suckers:

    1. NY is harder than California

    2. Wutang is classic & slaughterhouse is trash

    3. Budden already lost

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