• New Orleans(9TH)

    Keeping it Real JAY, you never forgot good job…..Bow Down to A n***a that”s greater than you.

  • nas927

    how do u put ur own audio on ur blogs

  • CEO real talk

    First off hit me myspace.com/nickelcityboerboels . This is Roc-nation fools stop hating it’s all positive oprah in the hood with Jay only puts a spotlite on the things that are good and the things that are still bad he can’t fix everything by himself. And money ain’t a cure all . So let’s go all black everything !!!?! Sept 11th bp3

  • The kid

    yea yea yeah uh uh uhh

  • VILLYvillz

    how much u gettin paid for those world of warcraft advertisements? lol STACK MULA!

  • 25keys.com

    i think you guys are def getting that number one spot on vibe’s next top 50 blogs, but one thing, this to YN, stop the sacastic comments on your post. because im startint to feel like you are aiming alot of them to Nahright. And im kinda waiting for them nikkas to say suttan so we can see an actual blog war.. lmaoo. Nah all jokes aside ya number #1 right now. That’s dedication i guess.

  • Scorp

    ANYTIME someone of Jay’s stature (or even Oprah’s) can not only go back to the ‘hood, but actually stay for more than a minute, it’s a great thing.

    It’s been about a year since I myself, set foot in the Marcy (on the Flushing Ave. side), but I know that the fact that they came through was GREATLY appeciated…


    [email protected]