• Google Maps

    note to b.dot lexington&lewis ≠ marcy.

  • ctg

    Habana Outpost? Word to Maino.

  • Mr. Dexter

    i guess she decided to slum it today with the common people…

  • lovebug8

    Chillin’ with O and carrying an Eckhart Tolle book. Very nice….

  • mfastow

    God damn Kevin Liles. Did they do this for his “Make A Wish” dream?

  • Kamari

    I thought Oprah wasn’t tryin to fuck with the rappers

  • dark skinned jermaine

    kevin liles looks horrible

  • dark skinned jermaine

    theres so much money in that pic

    thats the only explanation in bk

  • lup

    I thought oprah lost a bunch of weight

  • MXL

    Jay’s writing a book, Oprah’s got a book club that creates instant best-sellers. He’s tryin’ to get that billion dollar co-sign. Ain’t no more to it.

    MXL – AddictiveDiction

  • its about time

    Tell Oprah that some of the best beauty salons are in BK all day. Even the broke chicks keep their hair done.

  • BK

    “damn harpo looks rough

    3 Monday, August 10 2009 1:03:00 am PDT

    Mr. Dexter

    i guess she decided to slum it today with the common people…”

    ‘Common people’ and ‘slum’ sorry misinformed human despite Jay-z attempts to make BK sound like South Africa there is nothing slum or common about the area. A lot has changed over the years, so slum no, bigger than Manhattan or whatever hole you are from, yes! Take a look at the piles of white people gentrifying the area.

  • Dana

    To those that are saying that Oprah looks rough get the hell over it, it’s always something with y’all as if y’all sitting in front of your comps looking like Halle and Dezel just stop. If the bish came to the projects looking high classed and pricey y’all would have said she came to the hood flaunting her riches. She come looking like how she would look if she was chilling in her mansion she looks raggedy? seriously?! ridiculous. Oprah makes enough money to look a hot ass men and still feel fabulous about herself, she looks good to me.

  • Karma1979

    Don’t mind Oprah looking rough. Do you think that she cares that you think she looks roung in her $30 T-shirt, her $100 top shirt, and her $115 jeans? Don’t mind Oprah looking rough I am sure her outfit cost more than what some of you have in your bank account right now after payday. Remeber Oprah don’t get her T-shirts from Wal-Mart, her T-shirts have to have a thread count. Jay-Z has money and so does Oprah so they don’t need each other in that aspect I think that them getting together was a very good thing, and if money comes out of this meeting because you decided to spend your money on whatever they are selling then that’s on you. Don’t make a big stink over nothing. No matter how much they come together if people don’t spend their money then just because the two of them met don’t mean there is money to be made. We gotta think people.

  • Toine

    I just love seeing our brother and sister getting along so well and handling their business! There is no need for all the negativity, we have had enough of that to last a lifetime.