Raekwon Confronts Joe Budden Backstage At Rock The Bells


Joe Budden is live on his Blog TV channel as we speak but there appears to be a confrontation that just took place in Cali. Joe was hit in the eye. IceWaterTV recorded it. More details coming.

And yes, Mickey Factz is still hangin’ around.


Update: DDot ripped Mouse’s post fight recap.


Update 2: More footage. Ice pack included. Spotted from NR.


Update 3: The Rae after. On stage. Courtesy: Question210


Update 4: Ice cures all? Budden tweets:


Update 5:
Just the facts from Mr. Factz?


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  • Fred Jones

    Raekwon got someone to punch Joe Budden in the face for no apparent reason? Bitch move. Won’t be buying Cuban Linx 2 now. Slaughterhouse August 11.

  • John Doe

    How are you gonna bust into someone’s trailer 6 deep against 1? Bitch move Rae.

  • eyesnatchers

    lmao this nigga Joe Budden muted the blog so you can’t even hear what is being said. wack.

    “hold up, let me mute this ’cause i know y’all ain’t insinuating what i think y’all are”

    ^yes nigga, we are. we have still footage of the chef squaring up, media saying there was a confrontation between y’all two, and you sitting there whining with an ice pack…and now you’re muting to keep shit quiet. hmmmm….is that a killa bee sting on your eye, black?

    lmao…i’ma start callin this nigga Joey “Eye Button” Budden

  • tms

    that bitch ass eric cartman fuckin south park character body ass…bitch str8 up

  • lehman

    y’all niggas watch too much TV. movies, and what not. this ain’t no “hey man meet me in the school yard at 3pm so we can touch gloves and box it out”…tf? Wu has been thraxing niggas for years…solo, or in groups. niggas don’t go by no man to man mono y mono take 10 paces and spin shit. problem arises, you see a nigga. when you start running your mouth around hood-bred niggas, you gotta be aware that you’re now a target. whether its one on one, or 20 on 2. thats how it goes.

    the REAL faggot move is Joe on blog TV 24/7…he said he wanted to get on some rapping shit, rebel INS dissed him and he ain’t rapped yet. dude yells “fuck joe budden” on stage, and what does joe do? run straight to a blog to say “oh he should be smacked…thats a bitch move”…now he sittin on blog tv wit an ice pack tryna get sympathy from the internet, talking to corny ass rock the bells staff…this nigga is the clown of clowns. GET OFF YOUR COMPUTER, PUT THE CAMERA DOWN. smh…

  • BobbyDigital

    Rae comes in the room with his boys, about 6 of them, & Joe Budden was chillen with Mickey Facts and Joe’s producer, Freq.

    Then Rae had a problem with one of Joe Budden’s youtube videos & all of a sudden the BlogTV feed turns off.. An hour or so later, Joe Budden comes back on BlogTV & says that he was hit in the eye & shoulder by one of Rae’s people.

    It was definitely a bitch move and I lost respect for Raekwon.

  • JD

    Yea I was watching blog tv when it happened..

    Rae came in Joe’s dressing roon 6 deep and Joe ends up punched in the eye…

    LAME…RAE didn’t even do the punching. 6 against 1!!! Come on SMH

  • VILLYvillz

    Joey get @ that nigga, or im never gonna believe in your music.

  • Old school rules.

    Don’t let your mouth write checks your body can’t cash.

  • Hollywood

    Rae had Joe hit in the face cuz Joe said he could rap better than Meth? I guess it’s true then! Why does Wu have to go and embarrass me!? Dumb asses.

  • G-rocka

    Yo Rapradar is the CNN of Hip-hop… bringing you live breaking news of the dumb shit that goes on.. Ayo Joey first ur wifey gets an eye jammie and now you.. that was mad perez hilton of you running to the webcam after you got smacked up.. handle that

  • Jaymalls

    OMG… When i first head about this i was like wtf, hell nah but know that i seen all the footage all i can say is… “Another One Bites The Dust” LOL! If you wanna see the pic i linked wth Joe Buddens & Raekwon plz go to http://www.sounddepth.com. Trust me its gonna make you laugh! 😛


  • bhikku

    dry snitchin. co-sign lehman. wutang killer bees on the swarm. these niggas are from the bumrush a nigga on stage era. joey luck all he got was an eye-jammy. dry snitchin. man, yo, get joey outta slaughterhouse and get nino bless back. a dude who don’t run his mouth so much. you want personality? get saigon. that nigga at least wouldn’t be on a blog snitchin. plus he ain’t nearly as disrespectful as joey. shit from jay to the game to the wu…joey, make a fucking GOOD album first.

  • dickinyamom

    Ya’ll niggas bitchin’, you get a crash dummy to do shit like that, Rae is the bread winner what he look like punchin on niggas, Joey wanna talk that shit the goons came and tapped his chin, he took a sucka punch he should of went down rumbling if he was gone take a L, ya’ll niggas be bitchin’ knowing if Rae came at him on a solo tip Joey still wouldn’t of rumbled him. Bitch ass nigga

  • HA!

    Joe must really love his girl. He went out and got a matching eye-jammie to prove it!

  • Thatkid Lerix

    I can’t believe they rolled up on that dude like that, six on two? really? I dunno the full story but I’m leaning to beleiving joe’s side, cause at the end of the day, he got punched and its all confirmed that 6 goons ran up in the spot. I don’t get that move at all rae is slipping



  • whowantwhat

    All u cornballs that say rae did a bitch move are bitchmade. All is fair in love and war. If u run your mouth u get dealt with. Rae did a boss move!

  • C^MORE

    Sucker punchin a nigga is pussy. Wu aint been the same since they realized they was getting bent over for they dollars by Rza. These old niggas need to quit actin so sensitive and act like men. None of them niggas shoulda opened they mouth except for Meth, and Joe and Meth squashed it. That Wu compilation albm aint gonna sell anymore records cause Rae’s a punk who need a gang of niggas to sucker punch a nigga, or cause INS threw out that diss record.

  • @iambeantown

    I don’t know what started the whole shit but I know Joe got “his meat lumped” like Rae’s verse on the first Cuban Linx Album.

    That’s what He get for runnin’ His mouth. Rae shoulda took that nigga cellphone and made a ransom call to Joe’s broad Tahiry and some other bitches on some straight up goon shit!

  • twitter.com/iambeantown

    I don’t know what started the whole shit but I know Joe got “his meat lumped” like Rae’s verse on the first Cuban Linx Album.

    That’s what He get for runnin’ His mouth. Rae shoulda took that nigga cellphone and made a ransom call to Joe’s broad Tahiry and some other bitches on some straight up goon shit!


  • E20

    HAHA! They punked Joe out. Buddens should of knew better. Stop running your mouth kid, it could have been worse, and Mickey Facts buster ass wasn’t gonna do nothin. I bet the 2 of them was shaking like a dice game.

    Kids let this be a lesson. Because your parents don’t whoop your ass it don’t mean it won’t happen to you. So show some respect and watch what you say out of your mouth. Stop name dropping.

  • Of The Wasteland

    but I doubt it. Joe is too stubborn (stupid) to learn a lesson. Keep your mouth shut and this kind of shit won’t happen.

  • Whatever

    LOL! He saying that AFTER joe got punched he thought they MIGHT have to fight!?! LOL! Dude got punched and none of yall did anything about it! YALL ARE THE SUCKERS! Not Rae nem! LOL! Yall got skrate BITCHED! And now he FAKE tryna talk tuff afterwards? LOL! He might get punched next! LOL!!!

  • illa

    Call that faggot cigarette butt ens u see him smokin that square like a crack head Niggas tha wackest rapper ever….. Indian style sittin homo

  • blunts

    why did none of the wu-tang crew do shit to 50 when yo was talking about them because buddens is a small dude that why he hit em . real g’s don’t video tape assaults then try to put it the web. thats like me stealing a car and then post it on youtube

  • Ha Hee!

    Budden needs to respect the strength. That’s the bottom line. He needs to stay off of the net for a minute and rethink his career direction. It’s not about Wu. It’s about his clown like ways that got him into trouble.

  • Almighty El Ruknz

    6 niggaz against 1 nigga?homo move.U wuz a alright nigga wit us 5v’s Rae,we no longer respect u,and dem pussy niggas with u,theyr day is comin.

  • Taywan St. Bloods

    So that make u think u tuff u come in there wit sum goons to confront Buddens on some gshit jus cus da nigga said somethin u didnt like?u insecure faggot,u gets no status or G cred for that,let that had been one of our chiefs u or them six niggas wouldnt a made it to the car.freedom of speech nigga!T.st.Bloods ridin wit Mouse.sooowooooop

  • Mecca Don Lotto from Black Disciple Set

    I think Rae should have handled this sitchashun different,I own most of Joe Buddens mixtapes and Only Built 4 Cuban Linx is a classic I still play til this day.Ya got da public eye,its bad enough 4 us hood niggas.Chop it up, cool out,and get money.BD

  • Black Supreme

    When will you niggaz learn? Make money together not off of eachother. Crabs in a barrel…

  • No Dj CDQ

    Yall stop jockin men like homos. Buddens popped shit now he has to deal with the consequences. Yall hipsters are soft. Mickey should of kept his pussy mouth shut for real.

    Fuck all the talk I wanna see someone get shot for real.

  • No Dj CDQ

    Ja and 50 beef was wayyyy after he got shot. And Ghost did 3 years for 50’s 9 bullets. Yall young motherfuckers need to do your homework for real.

  • The Wong

    Maybe now you’ll take your meds!

    You been a gay rapper and everyone will soon see yah playboy!

  • The one who really knows you!

    You and your crack mother needed to cut yall fake ass interview short cause she diddn’t raise her son to be a man your the sorry rapper who was forced by Web and Nitty to rap fool! You didn’t even know if you are a man or a bitch,choose one looser.


    They call you buddens cause you like it in the butt!

  • Видео просто в тему! Меня всегда интересовало, как получается научиться находить на youtube настолько офонаренные ролики… Если искать, куча разного отображается, а чтоб подыскать хоть что-то суперовское – дык на это аж нуна пол дня, а то и больше потратить….

  • C наступающим Вас! Пусть Ваши мечты сбудутся!

  • noneya

    Lehman. thank you for not being a square. these new generation dudes have it fucked up. how is what rae did bitch? this internet gangsta nigga buddens is running his mouth online about being stole on. The good thing out of this is that at least the youth wont grown up to be hood or gangsta everyone will talk it out on the internet. there should be a huge decrease in violence due to this mindset. always a plus side to everything.

    ps yes i am aware of when this happened and how late i am with posting.

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  • AnonOfCourse

    You man must never have heard Cuban Linx, they do the exact same shit but what happened? Dude had a gun and started bussing after them – in this age, 6 ni%%as woulda run in there and shot the shit outta him – Rae et al went in trading blows like they have been doing for decades. Budden got his arse kicked -accept it.

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