• Tego

    He’s right.

  • Dito

    He is not right? Wu is Legendary as a whole. What makes rae a legend in the hip hop realm? Let’s say he is a legend does that end all battles and conversations? Mike Tyson is a legend and he still got his ass beat on the comeback.. Jordan is a legend and still got his shit fucked up on the comeback.

    Immobilarity was way trash..is Rae’s excuse for that piece of junk is that he is a legend? He has one great album and no one has been checking for him for the last 6 years!! Nas is a legend of off one great album and we still check for him and he has had legendary battles with more greats and he will continue to be legendary not RAE ..

  • Mr.Londoner

    gotta love twitter..

  • The Reaper

    That was a standard “bullshit defense mechanism” response. Wu as a whole is legendary. Everything Rae dropped after the purple tape was mediocre at best. All that aside.. You roll up in a room with goons, cameras on, one of your dudes punches Joe. The beef was supposed to be dead, and you don’t check your man? Legend or not, that’s a bitchmade move, and Rae lost respect from a lot of the OGs and the young dudes. Man up and admit you were wrong for that, son. Stop all this posturing shit.

  • VILLYvillz

    If i could murder Raekwon in a rap battle… then he’s not a legend, his bars are standard.

  • Bang Out^C.O.B.

    Rae grippin on that legend status tellin everybody who’ll listen, cause he knows damn well OBCL2 aint gonna be no Purple Tape 2.

  • Tego

    Raekwon was fighting it out for KONY with Nas and Big at their peaks. He’s responsible for one of the all time great albums in any genre and is part of one of the all time great groups in any genre. All the “East-Coast Game” has is a couple of shitty beat Mixtapes, a flopped album and a group of losers releasing KOCH’s 3rd marquee album of 2009.

    Joey’s girl’s milkshake brings all the boys to his site, then that stupid bitch got the same tattoo on his face.

  • Jigga Camel

    All the internet soldiers in this forum, might have a point if it wasnt for one thing. Joe Budden’s whole career is a publiciy stunt. If Joe Budden had ever released anything close to OB4CL or even the new record “House of Flying Daggers” maybe you guys would have a point. But Joe Budden has been a preet mediocre artist before and after the Major Label deal. He has a few good mixtape tracks, and he officially ended Ransom and Saigon, but if you think any of those Mood Musicks joints are even touching the most mediocre Wu Joint (and there are plenty) then you are truely delusional, and you probably scretly hate Hip Hop.

    P.s Joe Budden is the wackest member of Slaughterhouse and the King of Popping S

  • I-Smell-Lame

    that is the lamest comeback i ever heard and first of all wu tang as a group are legends rae had two good albums and thats it. you could tell hip hop has falling off when people are scared to battle if Krs-one would have never battled MC shan his career would have never begun. Rae did do a bitch move coming in with the camera on he knew what he was doing and then to sucker punch somebody you my friend aint gangsta you just a pussy has been thats been on the shelf longer than joe was in def jam your career is over.

  • AG 3000

    Raekwon is bitter, he knows that part 2 of OBFCL is going to brick like a mutha. And of course YN had to write a story about dick sucking, he does it well. YN loves the WU, Jay-Z and 50!!!!

  • AfroDan

    Raekwon is a legend its gotta be said, he mite have a had some shitty albums, i got Immobialarity & it is trash but that fools dope! thats why he’s on basically every dope mmixtape track around these days, from termanology to joell ortiz, etc. Plus his features on other ppls songs are tight! that being said, it was straight bitch move, JoeBUdden was by himself so if he wanted to fight 1on1 like a man he could have donnit! to roll in there with 6 of your boys to confront one guy is pussy, shows how confident he is about his knuckle game!

    and btw joe budden would kill him in a battle hands down

  • Ziza

    Rae is a bonafied legend in the game. Anyone who disagrees is either under 22 yrs old or clueless. Joe Budden got snuffed and he should just move on. He seeems emotionaly scared by this incident based on this blogs and I feel bad for son. He got punched in the face and cant do anything about it. Get your bars up Joe !! sucker.