RR Exclusive: GFK’s Wizdom Of The Week # 1

{mp4-flvremote width=”540″ height=”350″}http://video.ak.facebook.com%2Fvideo-ak-sf2p%2Fv6808%2F187%2F79%2F1080911234278_15721.mp4{/mp4-flvremote}

“Men like to fuck, yo. And I know y’all women like to fuck. Y’all just know how to it hold it in a lil’ bit more than we do.”

Wise words from a decent man. In his first installement of “Wizdom Of The Week”, Ghost drops a gem for all you smart dumb cats on promiscuity. Be sure to check for more jewels until the release of Wizard of Poetry September 29th.

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  • Sweet Tee

    As always, GFK has done it again. I hope “Wizdom of the Week” will be packaged and sold with the album, cause this shyt right here…. hilarious….yet the truth.

  • Im The Truth.

    everything you just said is completly true

    men love to fuck even if they have a girl

    but those a just fucks. they compare nothing to what i have with my real girl

  • real spit

    real spit point blank period!!!

  • das

    has any one seen these new wu videos? i cant seem to find anymore info on them besides on this site http://masteriller.blogspot.com