Uncle Murda Changes His Name

This is news to me, but the artist formerly known as Uncle Murda now goes by Uncle M. Reason for the change? To double his dollars, of course!

Props: ReachNYC 

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  • Sir Thulsa BOOM

    …Uncle M?!

    Sounds like a busted ass war vet or a neighborhood molestor or some shit.

    Seriously, this nigga’s train came and went..on to the next. THANK YOU VERY MUCH.

  • iCandy

    First of all, this is the repeat of Murda Inc having to change their name to make it easier to sell out… (popularly referred to as “appealing to a broader audience” )

    This is bullshit.. underground artists are SUPPOSED to buck the system.. never be accepted in mainstream. Thats one of the reasons we accept their subpar beats and want in talent ( for the most part ) is BECAUSE they’re obscure and underground…

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