Jay-Z At “Answer The Call” Press Conference

This morning, Hov held a press conference in the lobby of Madison Square Garden for his September 11th benefit concert. Tickets for the concert are a flat rate of $50 and go on sale September 8th at 9 A.M. for Citibank cardholders. 12:00 P.M. for general public. All proceeds will be donated to the New York Police and Fire Widows’ and Children’s charity.

Fun Fact: According to MSG record books, Jay sold out the arena seven times. His concert last year is in the Garden’s top 10 for highest grossed.

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  • New York

    Just heard the Jay and Alicia track….



    Get Ready MSG!!!!

    “Lets hear it for New Yorkkkk…..”

    Thats blueprint material Hovi!!!

    Thats classic right there!!!

    Get timbo off the blueprint…trash those tracks and bring out the classics!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Mr. Frank Sinatra of the rap did it again!!!!!!!

  • Fire
  • New York

    Just heard the So Ambitious track…WOW!!!!!!!

    The J. cole track!! WOW!!!!!!!

    The Thank you track!!! Wow!!!!!

    BP3 a classic without TIMBO TRACKS!!!!!!!!!!!

    The boy still got it!!!!!

    Blueprint 3 is official!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Hovi’s home!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Classic Music!!!

    Beautiful Music!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Get Timbo out of BP3 ASAP!!!!!!!

    His tracks the weakest!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


  • SB

    I swear, every song I heard with out Tim is hard body. I wonder if Tim fucked up on purpose… Who knows? But they should get him off the album.

    This concerts a good look… Would go if I was in New York.

  • yea

    nice one hov,i love the new tracks ,9/11 baby

  • SB

    Might owe Tim an apology.. I have reasons to believe those first leaked tracks are unfinished versions. Who knows what happened behind the scenes, but I heard those tracks again somewhere, they sounded a little different.. Tweaked.