Jay-Z On Game & Jim Jones


In the new issue of XXL, Hov tells scribe Bonsu Thompson, that he, Nas, and Eminem are in a class all by themselves.

…Speaking of Jim Jones, he and cats like The Game stay throwing shots at you, referring to you as old and washed-up. But you’ve always thrived off that type of competition. So, currently in the most comfortable position of your career, how competitive are you?

Not really that competitive, because the competition isn’t based on real competition.  I mean, Game, I’m his fuckin idol. If you ask him and he’s being truthfully honest with you…it’s just based off his insecurities and, for the most part, pretension. That type of competition doesn’t do anything for me. It’s almost like someone trying to set you up, and everyone knows they’re to set you up. It’s just dumb. It’s not in the spirit of competition, because he’s not competition for me. He’s not. Not then, not ever—he’d have to improve considerably. Competition for me is Nas, Eminem. Like Jim Jones? That’s ridiculous to me.  So how do I respond to that? I can’t win. If I win, then they’ll be like, “See. Now chill. You’re a fuckin’ bully.” And if manages to throw a haymaker from the West Coast, then it’s like “Oooooh.” It’s not even fun. Like, before I did it, because I would diss anybody. Now who has time to do this shit everyday? But before, when I was running after the little fat nigga from Ma$e’s camp, I was doing anybody. Anybody said anything. If I thought you said something. When I was running in the streets, I wanted all that type of activity. Nobody wanted nothing. Now everybody’s a tough guy.

Guess Meeno wasn’t that nigga after all. Get cha mind right, XXL’s October issue drops nationwide September 15th.

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  • OCHo!V


  • We Major1

    HOV did it again!

    If u aint feelin it…dont comment….

    go comment on thisis50.com or something…lol…..

    What we Talking bout – HOT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    thank you – HOT!!!!!!!!!!!

    DOA – CLASSIC!!!!!!!!!!

    Run This Town – CLASSIC!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Empire state – CLASSIC!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Real as it gets – FIRE!!!!!!!!!!!

    on to the next one – FIRE!!!!!!!!!!

    off that – OK (LOL)

    A Star is Born – CLASSSIC!!!!!!!!!

    Venus vs Mars – OK (LOL) Lyrics Fire though!

    Already home – FIRE!!!!!!!!!!!

    Hate – FIRE!!!!!!!!!!!

    Reminder – FIRE!!!!!!!!

    So Ambitious – CLASSIC!!!!!!!!!!!

    young Forever – CLASSIC!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Looks like 13 out of 15 for me!!! LOL

    Classic album!!!!!!!!!!!

    Compare that to the trash that has came out this year…


    Carter 3 was garbage….

    Cant compare to real music (hence, hov’s album cover)

    Since his comeback look…..

    – Show Me what You Got – Classic!!! Fire!!!

    – Lost One – Fire!!!

    – Beach Chair – Classic!!

    – Pray – Fire!!!

    – American Dreamin – Fire!!

    – Roc Boys!!! – Fire!!

    – DOA

    – Run This Town

    -Empire State of Mind

    – So Ambitious

    – A Star is Born

    Not to mention as well

    -History (WOW!!!!!!!!!!)

    – Brooklyn We go Hard

    – Swagger Like Us Verse (bodied that)

    – Jockin Jay-z

    Who has done something like this in the last 3 years??????????

    Hovi’s Home!!!!

    Hope he make lots of visuals for BP3

    and start on BP4!!!!!!!!!


  • George the Orge


    Yo can we get the Roc Nation interns out of this forum, this blog is corporate enough.

  • Yo

    Jay Z is washed up man BP3 is whack you shoulda stopped at the Black Album

  • AKA

    Am I wrong or did XXL totally ignore 50’s “Play This on the Radio” record? Jay says that Nas and Em are the competition? Jay is in Williamsburg and 50 is at 40 day? Where is the Hip Hop Police? Get Dead Prez on a record… Jay-Z is the new Bloomberg. Vote Him Out!


    Are u seriuous, is Jay paying you? are u a roc nation intern. BP4 was avg @ best. Run this town was garbage, Kanye saved the track. I love Jay, but hes like that gr8 sports figure thats trying to play on that bum knee he had surgery on 5 times. Everytime a new artist hip hop artist comes out, he always find his to his arm around there shoulder & make them do a hook on his album ( ex. lil wayne on “hello bk” & Drake on BP4)……… He looks like closeet hater.

  • We Major Too

    We Major1:

    To add to your list:

    “Go Hard” prod. by Khaled, feat Kanye

  • Hovies home


    Thank god it wasnt another kingdom come

  • Richard Carter

    BP3 – Wack album.

    Here’s hoping Detox can undo the damage done to rap music over the last 3 years. But then again, no doctor is that good.

  • Real Talk


  • carl8158

    If you young nuckle heads on this site really new anything about quality you would not be downing the blue print 3 stick to listening to lil waynie gucci man of the worlds and grow up the Lyrics are on point hes not talking just about money and please keep 50 out this that bum not in the same league as ja-z he ran his mouth about ja rule what hes doing now but thats another subject,THIS ALBUM is on point if you would just sit down and listen to itt yes jay not 20 no more but hes still killing the young guys of hiphop today still. how many of are touring where the money is atenough said.

  • OCHO V

    First off, for the dude real talk that shit is corny top come on here and start shit i’m entitled to an opinion like everyone else is on here that’s why they have this section. And last tie i checked all i said was “church” i agree with what he said. Do i like every song i heard on BP3…no, but i do think over all it’s something i wanna listen to and buy. It’s so easy to come on here and be a Jay-Z hater and say someone is a fag for having an opinion that isn’t popular so i’m not gonna engage in any of that cause a wide man told me “never argue with fools cause ppl from a distance can’t tell who is who” And for Gr8 Debater i see your point but i actually like some of the tracks, although i wasn’t that thrilled with “Run this town”

  • ####

    Why are there so many people who doesn’t have money hating on Jay Z? The person with the money is always the target of scrunity. If you had money would like him? There is no one like Jay Z, you all liked him when he was rapping underground! HI Haters!!!

  • me at you

    Jay Z old and washed up? Plz… the guys who are saying this have nothing..no money, no cars of their own, no hot girl, no credit, no ability to write without Lil Wayne on the hook, and no money (again). He pay more out in taxes than what you made for the 08′ and you mad! You mad cuz he in Forbes and you are not? Jim Jones still wear wife beaters and he’s talking to Jay? Go get a clean shirt first, than a hair cut, then throw on a pair of cuff links, then come back and maybe he’ll let you get a couple of lyrics that he didn’t even have to write down. You all secretly want to be Jay Z. I aint goin’ tell nobody! 🙂

  • gabe0521

    This album is effin sick!!

    Got some great flow on a lot of these songs.

    BP3 will be the album of the year.

  • crazyferrarese

    Jay is a game changer hip hop wouldnt have survived afta tupac and biggie died if it wasnt for him and it wouldnt be surviving today if it wasnt for him there aint a bigger name in the game no one has the three most important things to carry the weight jay carries and thats MONEY POWER AND RESPECT so fuck all yall haters go listen to jimmy go listen to wayne good luck stay stuck in timezone because times change and hip hops evolving just like all genres of music do and someones gotta have the balls to go in the right direction