New Music: Drake “Fear”


“That’s gonna be the last song on the retail [version of] So Far Gone. And the third verse transitions into Thank Me Later. So the last line of the third verse is gonna be the first line on my album.“— Drake


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  • ShockWave
  • DoubleA

    Another Nice track from Drizzy!! Let the hating begin!!

  • koa29

    fuck all ya haters man saying drake gone too mainstream and only is appealing to the women now… guy is so diverse, stop hatin. hot shit drizzy, keep it up.. speakin from the heart = the shit

  • dashing

    Great song. Sick production and real-ass lyrics.

    it’s true to say “let the hating begin” but it’s sad that people come to conclusions and don’t allow themselves to listen to some good music.

  • Hip Hop Orangutang

    I think you all know how weak this is…another recycling of “I aint mad at cha” from a guy who hasnt even put out an album yet.

    No one has hated on this track yet and you are anticipating it cause you know its weak. This bromance tip you all are on is sickening. dudes the jonas bros of rap…here for the little girlies that waynes a little too raw for. Baby aint dumb he is diversifying his stock

  • Ty Ross

    This Is Greatness… hop of that stupid ass southern garbage