50 Cent Targets Lil Wayne For Fabricated Rhymes

Last night, Curt and Rob took to the nation’s capital to promote The 50th Law at Howard University. While¬† Fif explains the importance of songwriting, someone in the crowd yells “Weezy!”¬† At the 2:10 mark, Fif then accuses Wayne of exaggerating his lyrics since most of his life was spent on television. Let the verbal joust, begin.


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  • hiphopadx

    Oh, my, how the mighty have fallen!

    • bdottm

      Weezy or 50?

  • mmkayy

    lol @ the camera guy sayin “Weezy sucks.. Weezy sucks”

    50 ftw

  • dmc

    lol What the fuck is Wayne supposed to say now

    • bdottm

      young moolah baby?

  • Killer

    yo 50 supreme king of haters with your high heels stay boo hooing and hating and yapping about other artists uv taken the how to rob song and made a career of talking shit on people why not just make music man stop talking shit on interviews like ur some smart professor of all knowing industries and everything to do with everything bum ass mixtape rapper your just as pathetic as rick ross on his tube videos staying yappin shit about other ppl fake beefs whatever for attention

    • NYC REP

      Haha Nigga your name is Killer, You think anybodey believes that? NO, you just a bitter bloggin type hater. 50 was a G, longer then he been rich and famous, where as your homeboy Weezy Wayne, been rich and famous since he was a kid,Younger then 14, and never had no time to actually be a G. When Wayne was busy shooting himself on some cheddar Bob shit, 50 was baggin up crack, when Wayne was busy bein a HotBoy, 50 was busy loaden up straps, When Wayne was going to art school, 50 was doing a bid.

  • Young Muullaaa baabbbyyyyy

  • Barry Washington

    People love to hate. It’s pathetic. Wayne doesn’t suck, that’s the dumbest thing you can say.

    Does he exaggerate his lyrics? I’m sure of it.

    50 needs to hear himself because after Get Rich or Die Tryin, he was still talkin that murder/drug shit. If it isn’t kettle calling the pot black, eh?

    • jacb

      You dumb shit. You mean to tell me that after one or two albums, everything that 50 experienced growing up in Queens is no longer allowed as a topic of conversation. For the most part, 50’s life after he blew up has been constant travel, hotel rooms, performances, & trying to secure his future & that of the G-Unit family (both artists and staff). I’m sorry, but that isn’t what the fuck I really want to listen to. I travel enough, I’m building my own company … I don’t need to hear about shit I experience all the time. I’m not looking for 50 to rap to me about business plan this, marketing executive that, feedback loop this. I’ll go get Michael Porter’s Competitive Strategy from amazon.com and be well on my way.

      The point he was making is that as rap fans we appreciate fictional stories when well done (i.e., Biggie), but the more honest an artist’s songwriting is, the more of a connection we feel. That’s why 50 blew up the way he did @ first. (When gangstas bump my shit, can they hear my hunger?)

      All you people screaming for miraculous ‘personal growth’ from 50 need to really look in the mirror and ask yourselves how quickly you’ve grown as a person on a daily basis.

      50 will continue to bring that ‘murder/drug’ shit because that’s the kind of “aggressive” material (as he would say) that his fans expect from him. 50 isn’t a fucking intellectual. I go to the library & pick up books for free when I want to learn. When I want my adrenaline to pump a little faster, I’ll listen to what 50 just dropped because he consistently gives us that kinda material. There aren’t many artists who can drop lines like:

      I wake up, stare at the ceiling
      I’m alive, what a beautiful feeling.
      I put my vest on right after I put on my drawers
      It’s a habit, I’m always prepared for war

      and you believe him because his life story is basically a testament to it.

      Jesus, I don’t usually post, but some of the (hypocritical) hate I see under 50 posts gets irritating.

  • Isn’t the art of rhyming & storytelling a lil bit about exaggeration. We all the know the negus ain’t from Mars…just like i’m sure 50 rather be ALIVE than die after some money. Right?

  • “I still possess the ability to be a fan”. Now thats fucking hilarious! How about just saying “I’m still a fan”. Another word he always uses is “actual”. 50 always adds in extra words to sound intelligent, when he’s clearly not. Phony motherfucker

  • g00n

    50 your wack…wtf dood doin with camra!? haha

  • RealChop

    Wrong if big bank take lil bank Wayne would be broke period. People nee to understand how the industry works just becuz your on TV and signed to a major label does not mean your rich. If someone in the game broke down artists and what they get paid and how, then u would understand why 50, Jay, and Diddy are in Forbes and Fortune Mag an not Wayne or anybody else…lol Reading is fundamental

    • But I believe he is talking about rhyming. And actually rhyming has nothing to do with money in the bank.