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Here’s the end result of Oprah and Hova’s meeting in Brooklyn a month ago. After the jump, Jigga talks about the days of having pockets full of hope, reconnecting with his dad, and how Ty Ty straightens up around old white women.

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  • Ques

    Best Jay interview in a long time

  • Polobear

    I think I am in love with RapRadar. There have not been so many quality hiphop exclusives since Dj Clue was pumping out mixtapes.


    • crystalfairweather

      We appreciate the love.

  • willie mcfly22

    good interview but opera interviews weird and real aggrresive….u aint savin this mans life opera damn haha..Jay a smart dude tho….lookin forward to the album

  • billyrayvalentin

    Jigga man is the unofficial mayor of Black America. Every black man, young or old has to tip their hat to him just out of respect. Dude commands that kind of love. One time for HOV!!

  • TheCo!!inB

    ay, just read through your twitter top 100….R Kelly can type? GTFOH (c) The Morning After w/ Angela Yee

    • bdottm

      um, why not?

  • trex

    Thanks RapRadar. This was an excellent interview.

  • IrelandRepresents

    thanks m8. I really enjoyed this. Great good interview!!

  • Dia

    does anyone know if jay-z will be appearing on the oprah show????

  • Dia

    nevermind, found the answer…he’ll be on sept 24th.
    great interview btw.

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