Kid Cudi’s Album Has Typoh’s

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After performing alongside Hov last night at Madison Square, Cudi took to Twitter and vented about the typographical errors on his album. Ironically, he spelled “Rediculous” wrong. But don’t be maaad, Scott.  “A Star Is Born” off The Blueprint 3 was spelled “Bortn” when I loaded it to iTunes. Besides, you don’t want to get on Sylvia Rhone’s bad side. Ask, Drake.

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  • you spell check aggravated, b?

  • this is really not unheard of in music- especially the hip-hop industry.. besides many rappers just not knowing how to spell, i have spotted too many typos in hip hop magazines– in the headlines at that.. bullshit

  • Typos > Wrong tracklistings. Remember Ghostface’s Bulletproof Wallets? That tracklisting on the back was COMPLETELY wrong.

    Also, this whole thing is really not a big deal. You can always edit what you load onto iTunes. I quickly fixed “A Star Is Bortn” into “A Star Is Born” like B. Dot originally said.

    • bdottm

      Yep, ur right. i was going to mention that, but the order was wrong, not necessarily written wrong.

      • “The Sun” (feat. Raekwon, RZA + Slick Rick) was listed at Track 1. That wasn’t on the album at all, remember?! Hah. It’s funny because the tracklisting printed on the CD itself was right.

  • Toya

    Several of the albums that I’ve loaded on iTunes have come up wrong. I’ve even had songs that I’ve downloaded off iTunes come up with misspelled and/or wrong titles. It’s sad when it happens but all you really can do is suck it up and fix it yourself.

  • Trey Stone


  • lookadeez

    he spelled “ridiculous” wrong

  • I loaded The Dream’s album on my iTunes and it came up as an album from some group called “The Loves” with their whole album tracklisting. Pisses me of, but fuck it. I eventually changed it as well.

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