Young Guru Wants To Teach College

Here’s the final clip from my sit down with Mr. Keaton. In previous conversations, he’s expressed a desire to teach at a college or university. But before you fill out that FASFA, listen up as Guru schools you to some game. You’re welcome Y.G. I made you hot nigga! Ha!

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  • Dark NYte

    Hes right about people not experimenting with Synths.

    would be interesting to have him as a professor. Def would
    learn a whole lot.

  • Polobear

    I enjoy listening to Guru speak about music; he is passionate about it and he breaks down the music making process into simple terms. It is refreshing. I also liked his candid thoughts on what it’s like to work with Jigga.

    He has a lot of practical knowledge about the music making process , which is a good foundation for a quality proffesor. I always preffered proffesors/teachers who had been practicioners of the subject they were teaching.

  • Xtrajordinary

    Great stuff. Thanks a lot for this. Looking forward to more…RR is now a regular site for me.

  • Van Sertima

    If he wants to really teach an online course would be ideal. Post system and program requirements and run it like any other online class offered by a university. It may take some ingenuity but it’s a way to reach the most people without going through an exclusive university. MIT has a great open course ware interface that could be used as a template.

  • boha

    I’m interested in making beats, but I’m unsure which program is best to do so, any advice?

    • jaymalls

      Logic is the best overall, from my past experiences with different DAWs. But what works for me might not work for u. You should ask yourself:
      What type of genre I plan on composing?
      What type of equipment do I have or plan on using?
      How serious am I about producing?
      I suggest going to your local Guitar Center or Samash and ask questions, the employees usually get a kick out of answering music related questions. You can also go to some forums (No Opinion Based Ones). I suggest Gearslutz or ProSoundWeb. Please subscribe to receive TapeOp Magazines (ITS FREE!)
      Your Welcome!!!

      SoundDepth Productions

  • M

    Does Young Guru has a Twitter or Myspace i wanna know more about this college thing!!!
    In my opion Guru is very underrated.

  • cv

    good piece, but audio is too low!

  • raul

    i would mos def enroll in 1 of his classes.

    BOHA go a a guitar center or something and ask them what is right for you. Also what would help is if you can find other producers you know and get a feel for what they do before u go spending money. I made the mistake of buying too much before i mastered the game.

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  • Daquisha

    I must say I enjoyed hearing guru speak over all. I want to work with him and continue to learn about the music industry.

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