Beyoncé’s Video Of The Year Acceptance Speech

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Tonight, Beyoncé took home the top honors at the VMAs. During her speech, she graciously gives Taylor Swift the opportunity to speak her piece. What a class act.

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  • Pitri

    Kanye looks like a fucken idiot now..

  • llll

    i hate kanye and i hate him more now!!!man how could he does somethin like that!!!tylor went to cry out, i’m sure that if jay were there, he’ll kick kanye’s ass infront of all of us..grow up stupid fuck!!!

  • What a classy act indeed. Where’s the Lil Mama footage? lol

    • bdottm

      it’s coming.

  • DJ

    If you really hate Kanye so much why don’t everyone just break your cd and/or delete your collection of him off your itunes.

    • bdottm

      did that months ago.

  • llll

    i don’t buy his music…i don’t download it eathir!!he’s so lame…!!


    I LOVE KANYEEEEEEE, go ahead MAN!!!!!!!

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  • dani

    i love kanye… but WHY KANYE… ???? why you do that to lil taylor swift? she’s a teenager..
    artist win awards they don’t deserve all the time… let the little girl get her first VMA.

    and white folks are about to be P-I-S-S-E-D! we’ll never hear the end of this…. black man imposing on a little white girl. worst fears come to fruition. and they been dying to get you back for the “george bush doesn’t care about black people” stunt.
    come on kanye. get back to your “college dropout” days. i miss the intelligent kanye.

  • themanefromthebane

    hmm…. who does that?? i mean, really kanye?? oh well, i dont really mind his music. hes talented and original. just ignorant and self-absorbed. let him flip out, now we got something to talk about. i guarentee taylor swift will see some popularity boosts from this (deservedly i suppose)

  • thinkAboutIt

    Kanye was wrong.. cool, ban him. But how is the Best Video not the best female video if the winner is also a female… Better believe this will bolster Kanye’s argument instead of hurting it. He’s gonna claim MTV is unfair. Britney Spears wins both categories (and pop video of the year) and beyonce gets slighted…

  • sweetz&JustinBieber

    i feel Kanye can express himself in any way