Kanye West Issues A Second Apology

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via his blog:

I feel like Ben Stiller in “Meet the Parents” when he messed up everything and Robert De Niro asked him to leave… That was Taylor’s moment and I had no right in any way to take it from her.  I am truly sorry.

Yeah, yeah, yeah. The damage is done—and maybe your reputation as well.

heads up: Rolling Stone.

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  • FLY guy

    dRUNK pEOPLE ARE LIKE kIDS……..Kids say the darnest things

  • cha

    i find a good old fashioned ass whippin’ usually corrects such behaviour.

  • skinnyjoe

    Are all Gayfish douche-bags?

  • Nah, Kanye’s image ain’t done. The international asshole just got kickstarted again.

  • Toss

    too late. he’s a grown man and fucked up one too many times. makes black ppl look extremely dumb. thanks kanye…hiphop is alrady dying. he gave it another stab..

  • raul

    as r.kelly proved as long as the music is good he will still be good. Kanye will prevail lil mama
    not so much

  • Kanye was really saying “White people shouldn’t be in this business…” FU Kanye this isn’t the BET Awards. He played the race card and played himself. No Leno tonight. And that apology or 2nd apology? Please. Can’t un-ring the bell.

    Oh and guess what kids are listening to these days? Taylor Swift and Lady GaGa and Beyonce and Black Eyed Peas – Katy Perry – they are all over the place listening to everything – so FU Kanye.

    FAIL. -2


    Kanye West needs a REALITY CHECKKKKKK!!!! It’s Terrible that you need to ruin a poor innocent girls first VMA Award. Keep to you Fckng self you self Centered bastard. You are already highly overrated. so stop being an assh……ole, so you are the center of attent…ion because you are not good enough to be musically anymore!!!!! HOLLLLLERRead More

  • this shit has nothing to do with race damn u fucks r stupid

    shit that motherfucker was tellin the truth kanye said that beyonce had the best video for the female artist right and she ends up winning video of the year than don’t u think its fucked up that she didn’t win that one if she had the best video out of everybody for the whole year

    this shit is just gonna make him an even bigger start and he is jus gonna sell more records and u fucks are gonna buy bc i kno i am bc this motherfucker makes real hip hop music

  • cha

    This makes me think about all of the Jay-Z backlash. At some point these artists have show some class and maturity. Kanye is lucky now because he’s in the prime of his career but when he’s not so hot anymore that shit ain’t gonna work. He’s got to grow up and act like a man. Put the liquor down and get rid of the bald headed ho he’s been running around with.

    Jay-Z grew up and it shows. That’s why even past his prime he is still selling out shows and signing deals all over the place. Business people take him serious. Who is going to take Kanye serious when he walks the red carpet with an open bottle of Henny and a stripper.

    Taylor Swift is a new young artist who is starting her career and he first award acceptance speech is ruined by this drunk (and probably coked up) idiot who thinks he’s god. He had no consideration for her feelings at all. She’s a kid.

    Fuck him.

  • MissGennyS

    It doesn’t matter whether or not Taylor Swift had the better video, its MTV and their fans voted. The point is regardless of who should of won, she did win and he should have not ruined her moment. Instead of it being her moment it’s now his. AND he also ruined Beyonce’s moment when she won for video of the year, because she couldn’t enjoy it either. Clearly an insecure ego maniac. It wasn’t the Kanye video music awards, who cares what video he thinks is the best! Although he makes good music, it doesn’t give him the right to act disrespectful and pick on a little girl. If it was someone else, he wouldn’t have done that. He’s simply a bully.

  • jay

    Who gives a shit!? She got her award. That’s all that matters. Move along already!

  • Joas

    man up bitches. the chick was 19…not fucking 4 years old.

  • 20Large

    I thought this was hilarious…Keep doing it Kanye…From Australia

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